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  1. Definitely not buying Halo 5, knew that from playing the beta. Seems like the amount of people playing MCC has dropped significantly, especially in the Halo 1 playlist. I don't see them fixing anything more at this point. RIP Halo 1 pistol.
  2. I'm not against less magnetism than the previous patch, however the current patch definitely allows for much more inconsistencies. When playing low ping it's not all that bad, but as soon as you're playing a higher ping host, or against higher ping players the consistency goes haywire. I guess this is what you get when you have several companies working on bugfixes... My biggest complaint is really that I can't shoot like I used to on the original game. I'm used to leading my shots, and with the current patch I honestly have no idea what I'm doing most of the time. The entire flow of shooting is now gone, which at least for me, kills the fun.
  3. I really like the update, but the pistol has me stumped. It feels like there is no aim assist or bullet magnetism at all. Granted it's been a while since I've played OG, but I don't think it's ever been this hard to hit anyone. I'd really like to see someone compare this to OG. I would but I don't have a capture card at the moment. If it actually is exactly like on the XBox, then damn MCC has screwed me up. Edit: There's definitely aim assist to some extent when the reticule turns red and lock's on to the enemy. Not sure wtf is wrong.
  4. Played a few games earlier this week, still getting it on lower pings but it is definitely worse on higher pings, could be due to client server latency. I really hope the next update fixes this, whenever it launches. I literally can't even play Halo 2 for example, just stuck in respawn the entire game. This game depresses the shit out of me.
  5. Harris bros > I'll put money on it. ;D Oh, and Legend is good on host though. :P
  6. "we're the ones being pussies, we're camping". fucking love these guys man.
  7. I genuinely have no major complains playing on US host other than that it's more difficult, but end of the day, it's online, never going to be like LAN. I'd say if we EU's could compete against US host we should do it ninja style and lie about our locations. I just need to work on my Dammy strats, suck at that map.. also god damn rat race, why do people even insist on camping in the tunnels, god damn just let me play the portal and pistol kids.
  8. Anyone been getting the "anti aim" less lately? I've been playing a lot of 2v2s on high ping hosts, and I haven't gotten it as much as I used to, (used to get it every game).
  9. Absolutely beautiful! I honestly miss sweep sniping. :P
  10. Does anyone know if there are any updates scheduled for tomorrow, or are they waiting until next week? I have to say, other than the "anti aim" bug, it plays really good. I played 2v2s on Colorado host today (I live in Norway, and I'm guessing I'd have a ping of 190-220), and had a blast, along with 8 man FFA's on Derelict (thanks for the good games, guys!) Now if Microsoft fix the damn party chat issues I'm set for another 10+ years of H1. The only thing I'm missing is the 1.5 maps, really wish there was a way to add those.
  11. The pistol seems to be working properly now with the new update. Even playing on west coast host from Norway it's good, seems like there is less magnetism, and my pistol is back to what it used to be.
  12. I had a ton of fun playing, man. Here's the thing, I've been playing on Gamespy then XBC for a long time, as well as LANs, you get tired of the same maps and same game types after 10 + years, it's always fun to play something different. ;-)
  13. I have a similar clip that demonstrates the weird spawn teleportation: http://xboxdvr.com/King%20I3ob/d87db2f3-5d54-4743-a4fa-609aaf874a3e I've had this happen a few times to me as well, but as previously discussed I also figured it was just the camera zooming in to the body. Doesn't seem to be the case... Does anyone have ideas?
  14. I think it certainly is a bug, and yes a lot of it could probably be attributed to my high ping. (I'm guessing 150 ms east coast, 200ms west coast). The game wasn't very laggy for me though. Yes Norway is correct (you remembered!!), I wonder how "bad" it is for those playing against me, because I'm not having a hard time killing on US host, perhaps I have an advantage? I still think it's hilarious that I spawn with the flag in my hands, talk about no effort. :lol:

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