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  1. lincoln3 h2c customs US East please invite for any customs.
  2. Well, I think the idea comes from the fact that no one in their right mind would actually believe Halo 5 looks incredibly skillful and competitive, especially some of the most successful Halo 1 and 2 pros who know what an immense amount of skill the game took. So, one may think they are paid to say this; not to mention Gandhi's tweets about Halo 5, preceded with "Keep in mind, I am not paid to say this." I understand your point about them supporting anything relevant to the growth of Halo, but I just have a hard time seeing how they all could put their hearts into something they don't truly love. When I was younger, I gave everything I had to be the best in Halo 2 and compete, because I loved the game. Really, really loved the game. I mean it brought me significant joy. Granted, at that young age I couldn't compete with the pros, but I still gave it all I had. Today, I couldn't see myself blindly supporting something just to be "pro" if it wasn't something I truly love. I love Dota and Halo CE/2/hell even 3, but would never support LoL and Reach just to be "pro", because they're inferior.
  3. Well this will get neg repped but as always I'm prepared. "I am absolutely in love with the gameplay of Halo 2 Anniversary but the game’s interface is obviously incomplete but I am very confident that 343 will make the necessary patches and updates to correct all of the issues. As a fan of the Halo franchise as a whole, going all of the way back to H1, having the ability to play all of the original games in their original form is pure awesomeness." It makes me mad how the whole pro scene sold out saying things like this. Even T2 and Walshy in the Invitational interview saying how great the game is, and saying how promising and competitive H5 looks. They literally could not pay me enough to say things I don't mean. I would have ranted on about how horrible the game is and how they purposely released it incomplete and about how classic h2 was a lie and it's far from its original form using the Vista build where shots don't register and melees are broken.
  4. Guests can search in both HCS and H2A ranked....but not rumble pit. Only one person themselves can search in rumble pit, even though that was supposed to be one of the social playlists even before launch.....
  5. No way, the registration is far worse than it has ever been, not even close. It's because they are using the Vista build of H2C, and anyone who has played Halo 2 Vista knows it is the worst PC port of all time. Horrible spawns, melees don't register, shots don't work far away, and grenade radius is larger. It's also why bounces and glitches don't work.
  6. Going into this game, I thought my biggest problem and concern was that Halo 2 Classic was using the Vista build, and it wasn't actually original Halo 2. That's why melees and shots don't register, and why spawns are horrible and button combos are slower. I thought it had a chance to be fixed because i read somewhere they were going to be continuously patching it until it felt just like original H2 by adding console code in, but now with all these other insane problems that can't even be counted on both hands, I don't think H2C will ever be fixed. I was so excited for this. All I wanted to do was play the same game I loved 10 years ago. Silly me.
  7. What the hell did this patch even do? Honestly, this is the most pathetic launch I have ever seen in my life. I didn't think a launch could get worse than Wildstar. Matchamaking, the party system, and networking is still a joke. I can't back out with my group. When people finally get into my lobby, the game tries to randomly connect me to someone I never even clicked to join. Then, I get the match incomplete scorescreen and can't back out. I think, oh ok, I'll just restart the game for the 5 millionth time; once more can't hurt: Downloading latest matchmaking data. On top of all of it, CE registration feels worse than before and Halo 2 is still the horrible vista engine. At this point, it honestly wouldn't shock me if the patch was just 1.5gigs of viruses to further ruin my experience.
  8. GamerTag: lincoln3 Customs/MM/: Customs CE, H2C, H2A Region: US Please add me for any customs since MM is a pathetic joke.
  9. No, it's not just you, and it may not be the host either. I'm extremely disappointed in H2C. After testing with my long time friend last night, I'm very upset to report that the H2V engine is very visible. Hit reg still isn't very good, melees don't register, H2V spawns are horrible, and the grenade radius is off. It's not the game we grew up with. It's a little better version of Halo 2 Vista. How sad, "Exactly how it shipped 10 years ago." Well, I won't be fooled again. Trick me once, shame on you....Trick me twice....
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