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  1. This is so exciting! This is the part that, imo, is most exciting about the xgames/espn involvment.
  2. I think the timing is the biggest part of tall of this. If this had happened after OT1 or 2, it would have been big, but not as bad.
  3. For sure. One of the reasons I like EG so much is because they were the only team not making changes. It makes me think maybe the team chemistry just wasnt what Lethul wanted. Not sure why else he would leave since the other 3 are easily top 10 players in the game.
  4. 100% agree. Especially since the worlds format will be different. Its hard to tell. This is definitely a gamble on Lethul's part, but if it works out then the money will make it worth it.
  5. You can if you dont think they're going to get the #1 spot. I'm an EG/Lethul fan, so I didnt want to see him go, but they havent been as dominant in H5. Lethul wants that 1st place money #sellout
  6. I stopped watching last night after game 10. The first 10 were so close and EG were struggling. Did Towey start coaching the last 5 games?
  7. Unlegit said on stream last night that chig is still on Liquid, he's on the Bench.
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