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  1. I actually went ahead and tried last night and all I got was some Sapphire Wire and the exotic shard. Kind of sucks haha.
  2. I understand that we get exotic shards when we dismantle exotic armor now. I have a fully upgraded chest plate so will I just get the shard or will I get some of my ascendant materials back as well?
  3. Gmertag: Z y T H u u M Customs/MM Region: US East Coast. Will be on tonight so send friend request!
  4. ZyTHuuM


    Hey, whats up everyone? I have been a huge halo fan for a while and I am unbelievably hyped up for MCC. Feel free to add me on XBL for customs in Halo 3 and for MCC. Gamertag: Z y T H u u M I am starting a youtube channel and will be streaming Twitch quite often. Be sure to check it out! twitch: twitch.tv/zythuum youtube: youtube.com/zythuumgaming Peace!
  5. Gamertag: Z y T H u u M Customs/MM: Both Region: NC/US
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