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  1. Happy to hear that people enjoy it, thanks for using the site. It scrapes the player's game history pages & there are 25 games per page, so # of played games / 25 + once to check if the GT exists, and once to get the emblem. My account takes ~410 - before I had it set up to make those calls asynchronously it could take like 20 minutes to run a search on two accounts with a lot of games. That's a relief. Oddly enough Halo 2 games still have the individual flag, oddball etc. score values that Halo 3 just lost, the only thing H2 is missing is the medals earned in the game.
  2. Yikes, wasn't even aware they were doing that. Did they announce they're bringing them down or are you just talking about when that inevitably happens? Short answer: no. I've thought about downloading the html of all 1910000000+ game pages to recreate it for posterity, but I did the math and storing just the text takes nearly 1TB of space. If they're taking it down at some announced date I'll have to look back into that.
  3. @@AppleJoose and I made a site (http://www.pointcheck.gg/) that returns Bungie links for every Halo 3 game that two players played with or against each other. We initially made it to determine which one of us went the most positive in games played against each other in H3, but searching other combinations of players was such a nostalgia trip we thought we should share it. It works like you’d expect: type in two gamertags and you’ll get a list of all the games both players were in, complete with a Bungie link for detailed stats (and screenshots if any were taken in the game). It’s cool to see all the times you went +14 with Snipedown on your team in MM, or revisit scrims you had with an old team, or see if you ever beat Ninja in a Gamebattles match. The one big limitation is due to the way Bungie stores games. You’ll need to search the account’s current gamertag, not what the tag was at the time the game was played. For example, if you did want to see if you beat Ninja in a GB 1v1, you’d have to search for what the person who bought his main Halo 3 gamertag changed it to, “T R ILI C K Y”. In cases like this it’s usually easy enough to piece together who’s who with a bit of knowledge on who a player teamed with, but we’re working on adding a player directory with every pro player’s known gamertags. The first time you run a search on a particular gamertag could take up to 5 minutes (haven’t seen more than 3 yet but YMMV) as it scrapes the player(s) game history pages from Bungie and stores them in a database. Any subsequent searches involving players already stored in the database will return much faster, usually less than 20 seconds depending on the amount of matched games. Also, for some reason Bungie purged some stats from their game pages last week. After being available for 10 years, they removed individual flag cap, bomb plant, oddball time and hill time data from the details page. You can still see individual k/d/a and each team’s flag caps, hill time etc. if you click over to the ‘Carnage’ tab at the top, so when you run into this orange text be aware that it’s not entirely true. (If this is in the wrong place feel free to move it, wasn't sure where to post) edit: just fixed a small problem with the same game appearing multiple times in the results list. if that happened to you, shouldn't happen again.
  4. gt: Kifflom looking to play 4v4 customs until mm is fixed midwest us
  5. epic post my man. being frustrated that previously promised features aren't included in the game is entirely reasonable. voicing your disapproval is the only way 343 will get the feedback they need to improve the game in the future.
  6. might be a long shot, but anyone here finished dostoyevsky's 'the idiot'? i loved crime & punishment and karamazov but i'm struggling with this. worth the last 250 pages or nah?
  7. walsh, walsh, a million times walsh. if they're looking to hire anyone to commentate the hcs it has to be walshy. his 90 minutes commentating late h3 events were worth more than anything any other h3 shoutcaster had to offer. dave + bravo would make an excellent commentary duo.
  8. if they came out and said 'no ranks at launch, but they're coming in x months' people wouldn't be as upset. 343s ambiguity towards the subject coupled with the obvious withholding of information until just days before release is what has people (myself included) riled.
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