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  1. This game has awesome little nuggets in its movement mechanics. The aiming is dumb but I'm still destroying people and having a generally decent time having not played an FPS in years. Could be better, could be and has been a whole lot worse. I'll enjoy the honeymoon phase. Ultimately Rocket League is just a way better game and I'll end up back there.
  2. The little hidden gems that keep being found within the movement system have me more interested than I was. The gunplay could use some work, particularly with the aiming that we all know is derped. I don't know how I'll feel about it when it's super serious and time to play for money but casually it seems like decent game for now. Forge will be very nice to have with the depth in movement systems to build around.
  3. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/skitzybb/video/12467694 Maybe this is possible without it but I couldn't get it. I suspect there are more. Also for the thread, here's a neat little jump I haven't seen anyone else use on Plaza yet. You can also just jump to OS from the sign. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/skitzybb/video/12465885
  4. I don't think that I am considering all of the tournaments I've run for MCC. It's not LAN but it's incredibly close and just as easy to set up. It's just not a thing worth complaining about anymore when it's still very very easy to connect a bunch of consoles and play. If you have stable internet then there's nothing worth stressing over.
  5. Not going to be long til BR starts dominate everything any so whatever. The pistol cant compete at all with the BR so it'll be mostly irrelevant soon.
  6. Because LAN isn't needed anymore. It runs the same when connected locally through the internet and if you're actually playing somewhere without internet these days you are BY FAR the minority and need to get over it.
  7. Does this game work yet? Heard there was a patch or something, though it takes several of them to notice anything it seems.
  8. You can pick a bad gametype in any Halo game and talk shit about it like that. Halo 5 literally has an easy button and all the maps so far promote using the shit out of it to evade combat with ease whenever you have even the slightest doubt of where you were attacked from. I find absolutely nothing interesting about that. The distance you're allowed to overextend out of position vs. Halo 3 and still be safe is just absurd.
  9. So you prefer ones that are mind numbing slogs of 1 shot here, 1 shot there, run around and don't engage unless I have 3 teammates or an insanely huge advantage and effective range doesn't matter at all because if you take 1 shot at anyone at long range they quickly escape behind the nearest wall. And the whole fucking charade repeats. Halo since Reach is literally Call of Duty with way too fucking long kill times.
  10. Online? Sure, but who cares who's good online. Netcode was bad in 2007, we get it. On LAN? No, not really. 2009-2011'ish shows this pretty clearly. People became far individually stronger than people thought possible when the game released.
  11. Halo 3 is an inconceivably better core for an FPS than this sprint and thrust away peek a boo nonsense that's been shit out of 343 and Bungie since Reach. I prefer games where people actually engage in combat. It's incredibly difficult to make a worse FPS than Halo has been since Reach.
  12. Halo 5 isn't a Halo game. Seems silly to compare it to one. You can be hipster about Halo 3 all you want but it was still a traditional Halo game. Everything since has been an entirely different series of mainstream FPS amalgamations with no identity that frankly aren't worth acknowledging. Horrid abortions comprised of whatever the big FPS games were that year.
  13. To be fair, it's the weapon skin system and open market that keep casuals hooked on CS:GO like addicts.
  14. It was time to jump ship years ago. Halo 3 was the last time anything even remotely resembling Halo was being played and it was the last time there was any FPS worth the slightest bit of a damn on consoles. It's been about 5 years of pure disappointment. Join the master race.
  15. As long as thruster has as short of a cooldown as it does and is as efficient as it is it'll always be used to avoid long range rifling like it is right now. Without significant changes to thrust, long range combat in Halo 5 will remain effectively pointless and dead.
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