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  1. haven is one of the best maps out of all halos its just overplayed
  2. lol you people are so delusional... there is no possibility halos population number will increase significantly... the franchise is dead.. deal with it or play with the remaing 1000 kids
  3. is this the worst team changes in halo history pt. 2 thread? lol i thought someone was trolling on twitter ryannoob teaming with apg and dropping naded after placing 2? this cannot be reallife
  4. i just found a really good youtuber who uploads halo vids on a daily basis... he was also top in the halo 4 gc leaderboard... i really liked is commentaries http://www.youtube.com/user/Unyshek http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZyvhnp6p_g&list=UUV-BkXjSHb_PA3u4UDk4iMA
  5. i bump so anyone can see :ghost:
  6. post game interviews and better mods in stream... other than that its awesome... maybe attract some new sponsor to increase the cash prize
  7. lol at the whiners accusing the top players of cheating only because they dont know them... anima was awarded the best halo 4 player in germany... there are other good players outside usa
  8. Dat dere german master race... I dont see any reason to disqualify him... Ninja Is Just jelly
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