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  1. Long time lurker here, great write up @@Infinity. I think your ideas would be great changes, I don't necessarily agree with one playlist being the only ranked competitive play in halo just because halo has always had that diversity. My biggest issues. 1. Solo Queue vs Teams. 2. The gap of Onyx 1500- Champ is a grind that just gets reset, so as someone who plays a moderate amount say 10 hours a week and know even if I consistently beat a champ I still won't be able to climb to champ because of the time it takes to grind. 3. Not enough reward for beating higher ranks teams/opponents. Our team of majority diamonds beats 4 Onyx 1800s and we get minimal rank increase, typically not a noticeable difference vs beating opponents that are below our ranks. 4. The ELO distribution in H5 makes every division below diamond pointless. I can't even tell you the division order between the lowest division up to diamond because I rarely see them. Why is there an ELO range of 4500 in the Onyx division but only 300 between others? I think our ranking system also suffers due to decreased player population which in and of itself was because of the botched ranking system. A progressive division based ranking system needs a player base to allow for clear distinct levels of players between divisions. In halo 5 I think majority of players below platinum play warzone or social now because you can just match against ranks two tiers above you (or smurfs) and get shit on. How is that any fun? I don't know the exact fix to our issues but I do know the tweaks and balances you suggested would be a great start. I've been around since beginning of H2 and have typed my fair share of novels regarding fixes and halo and at this point have simply become pessimistic about any post-launch fixes. The only ranking based post launch fixes we generally see are game breaking issues that simply have to be fixed for the game to work. Other ranking fixes post-launch are typically dealing with quitters or idle players, they spend more time fixing issues regarding the .1% of bad players and don't spend any time fixing issues that 99.9% of players would truly benefit from. Good stuff, I really really wish 343 would consider your input.
  2. Yes, and it wasn't just when it first came out. It was never addressed. People were quitting out of games so they wouldn't derank for ranks that weren't even visible. I'm really hoping that you can't quit without dropping ranks. If it is modelling the h2 system it had that xp bar, and sometimes it only dropped a little bit and its not an automatic level drop every quit. I really wish someone would test the different quit methods and see for sure.
  3. I was able to get it back on this link. https://www.callofduty.com/esports/championships/2015
  4. Hit me up, I'm 24 and have a group of sweaty casual friends that range in age from 21 or so to 30. Gamertag: Jolly Josh I'm always down to find somebody to play CE with.
  5. My main issue is they can't fix what is already there. 343's logic? lets add a bunch of shit no one asked for. Spartan Ops. ODST Relic Re-make. Nameplates and Avatars. They are creating more work for themselves when they can't even fix whats currently there and broken in the first place.
  6. Am I the only one who finds it funny that they are giving us one month of Free Xbox Live as compensation when the game has been broken a month and a half? (Going for 2)
  7. Which is six weeks.... Which IS a month and a half lol....
  8. I too experienced the frustration with playing/searching with a team last night. That "One or more players is not ready for matchmaking" is probably the worst bug since the game has launched other than the hit y to crash bug. You literally cannot search with a Team of 4. We soft and hard reset our Xbox ones at least four times, changed party leader, backed out to custom, tried every playlist and were unable to search with a Team of 4. (We also had party chat crash twice during this period). We gave up on TO4 and tried with a TO2, after a couple quit the builds, I gave leader to my teammate and we were finally able to search for some reason. After the game ends my stats upload wouldn't stop and I was unable to back out of post game carnage report. I went to party chat and joined my teammate (spam it 5 times) and it re-joined my teammate and allowed me to back out of post game carnage report. Another work around but it helps. Another issue I keep having post patch is that after you see the "Fail to Connect" it splits you and your teammates up and after rejoining you unable to find a game and have to all quit the build. These bugs are extremely difficult to work around and are only furthering my apathy towards MCC.
  9. Out of curiosity and boredom tonight (no friends on) I decided to test the H2A ranked playlist to see if 343 actually fixed the rank exploits. Posted my results on reddit. http://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/2q88vp/go_offline_for_a_win_is_fixed_but_there_is_no/ To summarize, there is no penalty for quitting(in my experience) but they did patch the go offline trick for a win. I quit in game 5 times in a row and didn't derank a single level...
  10. Well as a University of Alabama alumni, I look forward to Football Season more so than Basketball season.
  11. Ha ha, so its safe to say you are in the process of "rebuilding"
  12. Agreed. I haven't been running H2C so not sure if its still present. CE is so much fun and CONSISTENT. I don't know how to put more emphasis on that. Even when the host is bad, I can still 3 shot. 2vs2 king of the hill or flag on hang 'em just doesn't work. 4vs4 OBJ would be very fun.
  13. Does anyone else have the "Please download an app to use this" or whatever that message is when you snap friends list or messages on xbox one? It happens over and over for me. This drives me crazy, especially when I misclick and it takes me to the app store. Xbone is a downgrade from the 360 in every single facet.
  14. I would suggest quitting the build or hard resetting your xbone. Besides that, dunno.
  15. I haven't played post patch but can tell you that in H2C the map load glitch occurred. You knew it would happen because when the map loads it makes that buzz noise, when it failed to load it made that buzz noise over and over until it froze and auto-restarted MCC. I don't think I've ever had the map glitch happen to me in CE though.
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