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  1. Can we all please take a few seconds to upvote this?
  2. No. This is the part I didn't like. 1-hit objective melees are BS, why gain super strength just because you have the obj? Doesn't make any sense and leads to inconsistent gameplay; usually you can take a melee and survive if you are full shields, but if they have an objective you don't...? Obj carriers shouldn't get any boon, that's kind of the point and the balance (you are compromised but can score points) Bring back falling beatdowns from H2 - if you are going to let people have 1-hit obj melees, at least make them earn it!
  3. Hi gents, I used to play Halo until 343 decided to troll us for years. I'm back to do some analysis (I used to do a heap of that). Kill time for the BR: I've frame-by-framed the BR and found the shortest time between bursts, timesed that by 4 and then timed that and it looks like we have a 1.5 second kill time. I did a comparison image between CE, H2, H3 etc. a couple of years ago but can't bloody find it. Off the top of my head H2's was 1.47? (or was it less than that? I can't remember now). Anyway, it seems decent with thrust and all that H5 shit gone and sprint slower. CHur
  4. Hi everyone, I have an elite v1 controller and it's great but getting old now. My plan has been to buy the new xbox once it comes out and a new controller as I can always aim better on a newer controller than has less thumbstick wear. I just noticed the V2 is ~30% more expensive than the V1 was, so wondering if it is worth it? I have watched loads of reviews on youtube but its all general impressions from holding it. What I really want to know is what competitive Halo players think of these controllers - have any of you tried both? Cheers!
  5. Oh for fuck sake so somehow caring about graphics has seeped in here too? Comon beyond you were better than that.
  6. I've been away for a few years and forgot how excessively long people's posts are here. Appreciate the passion but brevity people! ❤️ Can someone please give me a summary of the Beyond community's opinion of Infinite? Chur
  7. I hate how as soon as I get ranked in Arena I can never find games anymore, then am forced to play 3 TS maps on rotation as Social Quick Play is the only playlist I can get games in. Hopefully Infinite addresses this (at the very least have a good selection in their social playlist cos wtf, why was it decided that having 3 total map/gametype combinations in a playlist was a good idea!?)
  8. I'm going to predict at max we get Sprint and Thrust, but perhaps they will instead do some kind of combination as the single ability there is. (Thrust sideways but if you do it forwards you go for a longer distance/run for a bit after)
  9. I for one am optimistic about the words "spiritual reboot" , how much effort is being put into MCC, the Halo 3 tournaments and Reach having ZBNS when added to MCC. AR and some abilities removed from H5 competitive play are good signs too. I expect sprint to still be in there but I am sure it's negatives will be mitigated even more than they were in H5. Of course I would jump for joy if Sprint wasn't there oh god, dreams are free.
  10. I did originally have a "Neutral" option, but I find having neutral spoils data. Not having neutral forces you to think more and therefore give higher quality information, and it makes it easier to analyse. Think of it this way; if I put a lie detector on you and a gun to your head and said choose and don't lie or I kill you, you could probably make a decision and survive. Where if I allow you to say neutral to one thing, then I have to allow you to say neutral to other things, then loads of people will just say neutral and it turns into a bit of a waste of time. That is why I gave two levels of each direction, so if you don't feel strongly you can give a lesser opinion. That's why I also made all answers required to submit other than the favorite map/gametypes written answer. I am trying to collect as many responses as possible, at the moment we are on 36 answers so can still add a question or modify any so keep the feedback coming :)
  11. Hey everyone I made a short survey on what you think contributes most balance, flow and skill gap in Halo. Please complete and share, is only 4 questions, much appreciated ❤️🙏 Halo Skill Contributions Survey
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