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  1. Are there any birds eye views of maps with weapon placements available?
  2. What does everyone think of the maps? I think Live Fire, Recharge and Bazaar are all going to be awesome comp maps. For the first time in a long time we don't have stretched out maps to accommodate fast sprint and movement abilities. A good sandbox and settings do matter a lot, but if you have bad maps it doesn't matter right? I'm like yay.
  3. I feel like this would have been good with sidekick secondary but instead of bloom it's aim assist lowers when you spam
  4. I like the sandbox because there are some really difficult-to-use weapons that can be very effective in the right hands - and not just anyone can pick them up and get kills with them. The bloom on the pistol is whack, but even with the bloom there is a clear separation in skill levels using it, and I felt that gap was moreso than with BRs (they have always had too much aim assist) The commando can be super-effective or an embarrassing exercise in windmilling - I love that. The hardlight shotgun is well done - very effective if used properly, but many can't get it right with the projectile based file. The skewer is brilliant I like that there aren't 5 types of every weapon - the sandbox is clean. Maybe though I am simply conflating a "good sandbox" with liking the reduced aim assist?
  5. I liked the lowered aim assist. I think the sandbox is better than we've had in a while; everything feels purposeful and unique in terms of what it does and the skill it takes to use it. I liked that the maps felt more like CE or H2 maps - that is more room-based, rather than the massive open maps littered with random pieces of cover like in H3 (other than that big sand map but games need 4v4 casual maps too). I like that sprint is slow AF. I like that we can strafe effectively for once. I like that there is more PC customisation (as a console player I'm pretty stoked with things like FOV slider and weapon offsets etc.) I like that equipment are more like power weapons on the map and aren't completely OP (although some of them need to be toned down I think). I've always said equipment and shit like that need to be treated like power weapons that people fight over, so happy to see that. I think the population will be higher and more stable than before with things like weapon drills, training mode with bots, cross play and being free to play - a stable population is pretty fucking important if you want good matchmaking and good competition. And maybe most importantly, I really enjoyed the beta and want to play again... Haven't had this feeling in a long time. WITH THAT BEING SAID. I obviously agree bloom should be removed entirely - anything random has no place in competition, and fuck off with your "but this is played mostly socially", it doesn't matter, it's still competition! People only ever get frustrated when they lose a competition against someone else because the opponent lucked out.
  6. Pretty confident for this game when all you guys are arguing about is map pings and cosmetics. Feelsgood
  7. No fucking idea mate - haven't played since 2016 😅 @Snipe Three and @Apoll0 thanks for the replies
  8. Can I get some suggestions for PC upgrade? I'm wanting to get 1440p 144hz to make the most of my screen (monitor only allows 1440p or 120fps via HDMI, and because XSX doesn't output DisplayPort I'm stuck at 1080 120fps). Also XSX doesn't output Optical so I can't use my Astro amp for surround sound. So I figure if I sell the XSX, and out in a couple more hundred bucks, I can get better visuals, 20+ more frames, much better sound, and space saving 😅 Current PC: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core Processor, Mobo: ASRock B450 Pro4 GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series RAM: 16.0 GB --- I want to know if I can get away with just a GPU upgrade - I was told a 3060ti would do, but upon further reading I don't trust that this will be enough. Seems like Halo Infinite is quite CPU intensive, and CPU is where you get higher frame rates from? Clearly I'm a console pleb, so any help would be appreciated! Much love
  9. Please upvote my reddit topic a out how inner Deadzones are the reason people can't aim on infinite. It's a topic that needs more attention. Would appreciate the support - for I have out a lot of time into trying to get this addressed over the years... Maybe this time we can succeed? 🤞 https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/pvky27/you_cant_aim_because_zero_inner_deadzone_doesnt/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share
  10. Can we all please take a few seconds to upvote this?
  11. No. This is the part I didn't like. 1-hit objective melees are BS, why gain super strength just because you have the obj? Doesn't make any sense and leads to inconsistent gameplay; usually you can take a melee and survive if you are full shields, but if they have an objective you don't...? Obj carriers shouldn't get any boon, that's kind of the point and the balance (you are compromised but can score points) Bring back falling beatdowns from H2 - if you are going to let people have 1-hit obj melees, at least make them earn it!
  12. Hi gents, I used to play Halo until 343 decided to troll us for years. I'm back to do some analysis (I used to do a heap of that). Kill time for the BR: I've frame-by-framed the BR and found the shortest time between bursts, timesed that by 4 and then timed that and it looks like we have a 1.5 second kill time. I did a comparison image between CE, H2, H3 etc. a couple of years ago but can't bloody find it. Off the top of my head H2's was 1.47? (or was it less than that? I can't remember now). Anyway, it seems decent with thrust and all that H5 shit gone and sprint slower. CHur
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