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  1. i'll contribute what i can if something goes up for crowdfunding
  2. im more curious if money already accumulated will add to the prizes or if thats where these base prizes came from
  3. i would have liked the team distribution to have been NA 10 - EU 4 - MEX 1 - ANZ 1, 16 teams reads way better than 12
  4. shouldn't region lock the event just region lock the actual qualification
  5. and here i am still loving every second of my time with halo :P
  6. i had a really long angry post written but whats the point all i'll say is wow this community makes me sad sometimes. :/ on the topic of playing, i still play almost everyday and that's with a kid and 1 more kid coming next month (i also watch any pro stream and some non pro streams i can as well as every event regardless of country and my shitty Australian timezone)
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