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  1. eRa has secured a top 6 finish from an open bracket start. They played 13 series. They lost 5. They lost in Open WB, secured a top 6 in Open LB, then lost. Played consolation for seed, then lost. Then lost again in Pro WB. Then lost in Pro LB6. Wise Gaming, Ronin, & Gosu Crew all had victories over eRa Eternity but finished lower.
  2. Just want say thank you for everyone who contributed. This feedback was incredibly helpful.
  3. Thank you for this. I think in the future we can operate less stations to provide more space for everyone competing. This is definitely an area where improvement is possible. The FFA could have also been done much better, and I have ideas on how to improve it from the competitor side.
  4. This format was something we were exploring prior to the event. It definitely solves a lot of issues.
  5. Hello, Halo Community, I helped produce last weekend's event on behalf of Millennial Esports. With the tournament concluding yesterday, it would be helpful to get feedback on what improvements you would like to see for next time. This was our first time operating in the full space so we did experience a fair share of growing pains. I have my own list of things to fix but wanted to reach out and get a compiled list of feedback from you guys. [EDIT 1] My primary focus was to minimize downtime between matches and to have the bracket conclude at a reasonable hour. This lead to some of the scheduling uncertainty a few individuals brought up. The way scheduling was built, the matches on each station could begin immediately as the previous match concluded. This minimizes downtime & accelerates the schedule. When playing Bo5 there is a variable of approximately 30 minutes between a 5 game series (3-2) & a 3 game series (3-0). Spread across 11 heats that scheduling variable grows to 5.5 hours. As I can not predict how long each series will take, it becomes increasingly harder to predict exact start times as the day progresses. We are working on a communication solution for future events that will notify you based on the current standing of the schedule of when you can expect to play, it was unavailable for this event. Saturday's broadcast ran late due to calling an audible to broadcast an unscheduled match from the feature station & scheduling 1 more match on mainstage than I probably should have. Next time the broadcast will be programmed to end earlier. [EDIT 2] We are exploring the idea of a second stream. This will require additional infrastructure that is currently not set up. Online brackets will be updated more promptly for future events.
  6. Will work on getting one for next event. We hope to improve as much for next event as we did from the last one.
  7. http://gifrific.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Are-You-Not-Entertained-Gladiator.gif
  8. Feel free to provide feedback on the stream. I will monitor and try to accommodate when possible.
  9. Matches for streams were prioritized in two ways - minimize downtime & show as many matches as possible that qualify teams for Worlds. I believe 5 of the 6 qualifying matches are on stream. Downtime can't be as easily quantified.
  10. What are the liabilities for 343/MS if they bring in MLG/Activision?
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