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  1. I miss my 5br 3ba 3700sqft place in AZ. It was only 1800/mo too
  2. It's fucking hilarious what you get negged for. Lot of infantile snowflakes who get upset when you post something they don't like
  3. I said the same thing to Sketch, that ambivalence doesn't really equal support And yeah, I don't see the logic in a lot of things with H5, so not really surprised
  4. OT: Are Razer Xbox controllers allowed at tournaments? I remember a thing about the onza being banned
  5. Do you really think that with all the pro player feedback they got, that having the gametype played a few times in a tournament was going to change their mind? I contend that if they had shut up and played it, 343i would be all "See it wasn't so bad" and we'd be stuck with it all year. This way they at least forced their hand.
  6. They already had all the data they needed, but in typical 343i fashion decided to forge ahead anyway. Their track record speaks for itself.
  7. heh, that's how it's played in MM anyway random slaying with no thought given to strategy or objective play
  8. My interpretation of the post that was quoted combined with his response to my post on waypoint is they are trying to get the powers that be to ignore the noise and listen to people who actually know what they're talking about... "I also want to dispel this perception, again, that somehow the "HCS team is just listening to 'casuals' on reddit and Waypoint to make these determinations." That's 100% false. If we were talking about "should Oddball be included in social playlists in Halo 5?" then yes, we'd look to that broader audience for input (btw yes, Oddball should totally be included in more playlists than HaloWC IMO). But in the case of HaloWC specifically, there are three groups involved in this discussion: Pros and players competing in HaloWC, our TO partners, and members of the 343 team. Following this weekend's online qualifiers an official survey will go out to all players to help inform a final decision."
  9. It's like vaguebooking. If you've got something to post, post it. Don't be a drama queen
  10. Please do, hopefully he can clarify. I tweeted HCS as well but doubt I'll be responded to
  11. The best part is we didn't find out until a week and a half before the first tournament. Not sure I want to participate in this clown show, but anybody wanna 1v1? Looks like some practice is in order.
  12. If you go to any of the event pages, the brackets are set up as a series of 1v1s: https://smash.gg/tournament/halo-5-ffa-qualifier-series-at-plaza-las-americas/events/halo-ffa-qualifier-1-28/brackets/192140
  13. Huh, its in a totally different spot than the rest of the tournaments. Thanks for the link.
  14. In other news, they still haven’t managed to add signups for the MS Store FFA qualifiers next weekend. Strong.
  15. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. I get that two wrongs don’t make a right. But, If you had listened to the pros and not forced them to play oddball, you would not have had this problem.
  16. Since the points belong to the players I’d assume it was a “tally them up” situation.
  17. Nevermind Pro points. I appreciate the 1 Beyond point I earned yesterday. Special thanks to the snowflakes, I couldn’t have done it without you.
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