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  1. That game 1 strongholds between RNG and EG was great. Ninja with a huge reversal perfect to hold down nest and win it.
  2. Just read about 40 pages to catch up on all of this. What a crazy night. Can't believe the GOAT got dropped.
  3. GT: boltsnrays1109 Customs/MM: Both. For MM preferably Onyx or higher in team arena Region: East coast
  4. Anybody want to team up? Been grinding alone in team arena all day in onyx and I'm sick and tired of playing with people with no mics and not making callouts.
  5. You're the one that checked who downvoted you, went to my profile, edited your post, and now replied to me again, but I'm the one who went out of my way when all I was doing is letting you know why I downvoted because you clearly wanted to know.
  6. Looks like a fine launch lineup to me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Basically. It's the games as a service model that more and more games are starting to use. Release the core product and then release free new content post launch to keep people coming back. 343 sure don't want another Halo 4 situation where everybody leaves after a month. Release BTB and Forge post launch to get people excited again and get back in Halo 5.
  8. So you think the 9 arena maps that will come by June 2016 include the BTB maps? Then you're probably looking at 6 BTB maps and 3 competitive maps.
  9. That's good to hear. No reworked Warzone maps and is probably helpful in getting 14 arena maps at launch on the disc. Didn't 343 say the breakdown for the DLC maps would be 6 warzone and 9 arena? I wonder how many BTB maps we will get?
  10. Full minute trailer. mod edit: embedded EDIT: Appreciate the mod edit to embed it.
  11. Brav and Goldenboy sound good together to me. Just sounds like Team Beyond people bitching just to bitch like always. But hey ya'll can have your opinions.
  12. Good call. I think this is BS. Unless 343 has decided to change the basic controller layout.
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