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  1. So who do you guys think had the most impressive individual performance of the weekend?
  2. Campaign - Halo Reach imo was hands down the best. MP - H2/H3/Reach/CE/H4 in that order. Im just not a huge fan of CE. It has its place, its a fun change of pace game, but when I think of Halo, I dont think CE.
  3. When will we hear when the "update" is actually coming?
  4. I completely agree. IMO they are the most overrated maps. To small and open, and easily timed out.
  5. Sniping Accuracy.. I was quick and good in H3, but it seems like I have lost all of that. Lone Wolf/Pushing... I automatically assume the rest of my team is garbage and try to do everything myself and it gets me killed a lot.
  6. I voted for Halo 2, but I meant to be be H2A. Release more maps to give it a bit more variety.
  7. They cannot give players that without opening themselves up to risk. Imagine someone using inappropriate textures for skins? Your best bet would be an uploader in which 343 would have to approve textures, but that would be a slow process. I would hold out hope for a DLC texture pack for forge.
  8. I think the Reach campaign was the best out of all the Halo Games.
  9. I read this thread and im just thankful that the majority of video game players are not video game designers. The "solutions" most video game players come up with are so ridiculous and unbalanced its hilarious. I havent gotten a chance to play beta yet, but from the streams i watched i have a couple points of personal feedback. GroundPound - I dont like it, and dont see a need for it. I think its balanced enough with the animation locking players down for a short time, but would rather see it go away. Sprint - I completely disagree with most halo fanboys. I like having sprint, and i love how they are trying to balance it by making shields not regen while sprinting. I think it needs a bit more tuning to make everyone happy. Maybe make it so that shields wont regen and once your shields are gone, you cant even activate it (this should make most people happy and they couldnt escape with it). I havent seen enough of the sights to have an opinion. I am not a really big fan of the maps we have seen thus far. Excited for next week and getting my hands on it.
  10. Omg you mean halo 5 isn't a bland empty mixture of halo 1 and 2?! Never saw that coming! Personally I have liked what I have seen.. minus the ground pound
  11. Your Player Name: WatchmemkeUH8me Winner: WatchMeMkeUh8me Round Number: round 1 game BB Score: 2 - 0 (forfeit)
  12. To much downtime and WAY to many technical issues. How can you mess up a LAN? Besides that, I think they need more analysis about previous matches instead of interviews that have nothing to do with the current match. When you are watching a football game and its halftime, they breakdown the 1st half stats and big plays, they dont interview the QB from some other team.
  13. I'm sorry but "Most Major"? :| As for the exploit, it never ceases to amaze me that people would not only look for and find this, but that they would actually do it. Pathetic.
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