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  1. I'm hoping to move this damn thread to page 4921, so my chrome browser on my tablet stops crashing from the gigantic gifs. Thanks a lot, selfish idiots! Edit: phew, made it!
  2. Well, I appreciate that you have my post quoted for posterity, but inside of it was a point I was making: people of all kinds are being asked to come into playtesting sessions to give immediate feedback, and said maps then get retested when submitted with changes. So, come over on the weekends. Find Xdemption's thread at http://www.forgehub.com/threads/into-the-forge-4v4-testing-with-xdemption.151643/unread and participate. And, Demption is only one of several that run regular playtesting and feedback sessions. Be part of the solution. I have a funny feeling you would even have a fun time while doing it.
  3. Gaaaaddaaammmit, another accidental upvote, when I meant to down vote! /Cartman rant off.
  4. No one who officially works or tests for 343i does it for FREE. There are other expenses that go into this, even if being padded by sunk costs from equipment, offices, administration, etc.
  5. I just constantly complain about myself.
  6. ^^ me vs the Wraith: "Gungoose, why you no shoot? Why you no shoot?! WHY YOU NO...GHAAAH!!!"
  7. OMG Killmachine, that was me! The one time I was having fun in a ghost, but being so careful to not hit teammates...so sorry! Now I vaguely remember going into a clear area and hearing "betrayal". I was "...dafuq?..." At least it wasn't a Gungoose vs a Wraith this time. Me, you and vehicles-LOL.
  8. It's happening in FORGE. Edit: It's not that I can't sprint, or that it's the big issue to me. It's the fluid intuitive response on Destiny vs the clunky, heavy handed, narrower time to click harder on the stick feeling in Halo 5, the transition from fastest forward to clicking into sprint. It's the same mechanic, same thumbstick, but different and inelegant feel.
  9. They are the two games I play the most on my xbone, and the settings are the closest to being the same in both games without spending anothe 150-300 on a custom controller. Pushing forward then clicking in on the same thumbstick activates sprinting in both games.
  10. Me click stick on Destiny. Me sprint. Me click stick on Halo 5...Me no sprint. Me try again, me sprint.
  11. My substandard gaming and aiming may be at your sevice. When?
  12. Even the 4 didn't give me aiming problems. So, of all the issues I could have bitched about in any video game I've played EVER, the aiming wasn't one. Until Halo 5. The recent dead zone adjustments they gave us access to helped some what, but it still grinds my gears. Also, the same exact button/stick click in Destiny gets me into sprint easily, while Halo 5? I have to..really try. It's hard to explain, but what is fluid and effortlessly intuitive in one game, is a pain in the ass to concentrate to do ON THE EXACT SAME STICK on the other. I know, I know, it's that yuckky sprint...but its a current mechanic on the same input in both games, and it demonstrates it's not me, it's not my controller, it's not my internet...just what is it? Oh, it's YOU 343i.
  13. Goddamn. Well played, sir. . . . I now have plans for forging a purple themed map. In the rain. Raspberry touches here and there. I know I'm crazy, lets get nuts, so lets party like it's 1999...
  14. ...Looks like a Barn-able offense to me.... Ok, I'll show myself out =)
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