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  1. I wish I could go back in time and tell my younger self to not take real halo (H1-H3) for granted.
  2. No words can describe how much of a disappointment this game is. I come back after four weeks and it is like nothing has changed. The reality is setting in for me that I may never touch a new, good halo game. It sucks. Edit: Things have been fixed but the fact that issues noted above can still happen after almost two months... It is 100% inexcusable.
  3. I wish it was 2001-2007 all over again. Every time I look at videos and posts of MCC/Halo 5 I get a little depressed. I can't believe I took for granted those years. I want Halo back
  4. This is a reply to the OP: This post makes me mad and hopeful, all at the same time. First for the mad part: For some reason the poster considers "competition" and "athleticism" as inseparable. Sports definitely requires tons of athleticism, but competition has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with how physical a sport or event is. Look at businesses that compete for sales, writing competitions, coding competitions. None of the activities that I just listed have anything to do with (sports or athleticism) but it is highly competitive. For reference the definition of competition as found in meriam webster is - "the act or process of trying to get or win something (such as a prize or a higher level of success) that someone else is also trying to get or win : the act or process of competing" The confusion probably stems from the word Esports, which in my eyes is an asinine term. Sports are widely considered to be active and athletic events. Sitting in a chair moving a mouse or controller is about as far away from traditional sports as you can get. Many people who are used to traditional sports can't get over the use of the word "sports" and applying it to video games. I know for me after playing football and basketball it was hard to take the "word" (note I said word and not scene) seriously. At this point it is more than likely to late to change it and sadly, I have no alternative name for video game competitions. The fact the poster states championships as not being "real" competition..... #NotEvenWorthReply For the hope part: At least he realizes that Reach and 4 made him worse at the game! Conclusion or TLDR: Competition exists outside of athletic events. The term Esports is provocative and catchy, but aligns itself far too much with sports, when it should be describing top level competition. Even some people who do not care about "competitive halo" realize that Halo Reach and 4 are less competitive games.
  5. I think this is the single largest problem bar none, with Halo, and the gaming industry. If we had just CE multiplayer for 10+ years with no gameplay changes we would not be witnessing the continual, current decline of Halo. To keep CE fresh dev support should include only: - aesthetic updates (better looking graphics) - improved netcode (when xbox live rolled around) - new maps - continual addition of custom game options - a full blown map editor added at some point - campaigns of halo 2, 3 would be added along the way - new gametypes added The counter argument: "Halo would become boring and people would leave to play other new games" Response: Halo would not become boring because of: - New maps added - new custom game options - new gametypes added Finally, if Halo is still boring after this then go play another game. IMO making a completely different game and tacking on the name Halo is superficial. This creates the dilemma of two different schools of thought. "Halo (n+1) should play like Halo (n)" or "Halo (n+1) is new and should have new things and just some stuff from Halo (n)". Conclusion: If you want to play new stuff or have a new game you should make an entirely different game, with a different name. Trying to please everybody does not work. P.S. - Lorch and Batchford loving the discussion you guys are having. It is civil and thought out on both sides.
  6. I would add with the addition of forge and plethora of custom game options, halo 3 was insanely fun to play with friends. Things like jenga, bumper hog, fat kid, predator, tourney of 8, etc. There was a lot of crazy fun to be had.
  7. For number 2, does anyone know the date on when csgo lounge and skin betting took off? I think the betting has a decent effect on how many people pay attention and play the game.
  8. Halo 3 the peak of competitive halo..... errrrr We saying gameplay wise or exposure wise??? These are two separate things. As for the campaign, yeah I can't place why I didn't like the campaign as much as CE's or 2's but I didn't.
  9. Here you go: Look man I like halo 3 but a decent amount of people bash it on here. Doesn't mean I get my jimmies rustled over it XD.
  10. Disclaimer: not disagreeing with your post at all in anyway. I do find it really ironic that the only tried way of fixing MCC is turning it off and back on again.
  11. Nice work proto and all for updating the OP! For any who have not seen this: I love the minimal editing compared to some halo montages I have seen.
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