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  1. you're welcome man. glad it helped in some way.
  2. Hello everyone, I wanted to ask if you have heard of have tried what I would like to call the coliseum nerd jump. it is a jump only on Blue BR (behind it) where you jump and clamber on hidden ledge, clamber up twice, stabilize, and thrust to a rock above the base into a little crack where you can directly see blue objective. If you are playing capture the flag and pull this off with the flag in your hand, it is pretty much a really good skill jump that can secure a cap if most routes are pressured. I wanted to know if anyone else has heard of or tried this. If not i have made a quick video of showing it and making many failed attempts XD. In my honest opinion, i believe this is a skill jump that should be on both sides of the map instead of one. (or patched which i disagree with.). Hope to hear your opinions, -Rogue YT Link:
  3. I'm not sure if im the only one noticing this but this kid named Krick3n streams everyday and is viewbotting for 1000 viewers to make it look like he is popular when he isn't. His chat is always dead unless the three or four people who call him out on his viewerbot. Has anyone else noticed this? And can there be something done about it?
  4. Hello, not sure if people have it around, but I have one MLG Dallas speaker tag and was hoping someone had the mic side of the speaker tag for sale or the whole set? Does anyone have MLG speaker tags for sale? If so, please reply or message me ASAP. Will buy them.
  5. Im looking for a serious team that could place far. I have potential and can do alot for a team when needed. Will run games to try out.
  6. Hello you guys, I've been a competitive Halo player since Halo 2. This community seems like not only a nice community but family in Halo XD. Many people said I have potential at events and may have the opportunity at IG Atlanta.I've won tournaments online, won a local tournament, and in 2010 on the MLG Combine ladder #3 I was #1. I was supposed to go to the third combine event but was too young to go, and was considered a "no-show" Everyone calls me Rogue. Many people have asked am I "Row Guh" or some guy named Andy. Answer is "NO, and NO". Row Guh has been on my case since reach and we've 1v1'd a lot. Guess who won every time? lol, and Andy I've beaten back in halo 3 days. My name is Brad, and I'm a really nice person when you get to know me. I haven't thought of immersing myself into the community but now I will try and take part in discussion and you guys may like my take on things. People have made fake accounts of me so I guess im doing something right Hope to get along with everyone! If you guys would like to see how I play: My YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY9TYebU6lmUFcb3iOV0DTQ(Almost to 500 subscribers for a unique YT URL! Help me out! Good gameplays!) My twitch: twitch.tv/Rogxe (Made a new one) Gamertags: Rcgue, RogueSniperX (Old acc) See you guys on the forums! #
  7. http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/9130-rogue-is-a-fa-hcs-season-2-need-serious-team/?do=findComment&comment=420315 I made a post today about my free agency. I believe I've played Domino before and you guys are the type f team I would like to try out for. I put most of my info in that link. my email is [email protected] if you need to email me, or PM me here for any questions. Hope I can try out! - Rogue
  8. Name: Bradley "Rogue" Wells Gamertag: Rcgue I am a competitive player that has been playing since Halo 2 (I don't count H1 because i was very little and wasn't very good). I have won local, and online tournaments. In Halo 3, MLG Combine Ladder#3 on GB, I was #1 and supposed to go to the event for it. But was too young to go. There is a big possibility that I can go to the event in Atlanta. Though it would be my first event, many people say I have potential to really get far at tournaments. Anything that I do wrong, let me know and I will focus on those areas (if there are any). I live in Louisiana, and currently attend college in Lafayette. PM me for any other questions. -Rogue
  9. Name: Bradley "Rogue" Wells Gamertag: Rcgue Add me, I would like to try out if a spot is still open.
  10. Name: Bradley "Rogue" Wells Gamertag: Rcgue Games Played: Every Halo (Rusty in 1), Favorite: H2 More played games than I can remember. Area in Louisiana: New Orleans, Lafayette (College- UL Lafayette) Future Gaming Plans: To go to events and place as high as I can. As well as being known as Rogue (getting close)
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