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  1. Has anyone recently tried to start downloading HCC? Got my xbone today and I'm in the store and when i click on HCC is just says unavailable with it faded out?
  2. Ya not having ranks at launch is disappointing but understandable I guess. They just have to make sure to plaster a big notification stating the situation when people first boot up so people who don't follow closely get discouraged that there is no ranks
  3. If the rumor that the person who creates the lobby is host is true, that is honestly the best thing we could ask for short of dedi's. I think most people can agree that it is better to play on a good host where that host's player is slightly godly but has a positive experience for the rest of the players than play on on a shitty connection where everyone suffers
  4. Astro headset + mixamp, 2 360's, h2, h3, ODST, H:R, h4 and the cost of live from like 2007 till 2013. Oh and the cost of xbone + mcc come nov 8. hmmm never realized I spent that much lol. Seems like a lot but you have to figure that's over a span of 6 years so even if the average person spent $3,000+ thats 3000/6 = $500 a year or around a $1.50 a day for tons amount of fun and memories. (I realize my math is extremely simplfied but you get my point)
  5. Has anyone here done that trade your 360 for an xbone for $100 off? I was just wondering what they qualify as a "working" console and what do they check. I have the console and everything they ask and it turns on and has no RROD but my 360 is one of those that you have to pound the top to open the disk tray. Was wondering if they would even take it or if they even check this?

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