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  1. Ya that's true, I'm just saying a person shouldn't be punished for quitting a game because he doesn't want to waste his time because his teammates quit
  2. My only requirement for that is if the game only punishes the first player to quit from each team in a 4v4. It's no fun playing 3v4 or even worse, especially when everyone is good
  3. I have this happen to me all the time. Seems like if your one of the first people to back out post game, you bring the remainder of people with you....
  4. It amazes that people are quitting when you finally get a match, specially when it was even teams. Just played HCS warlock flag, actually 4v4, was close whole time and was 0-0 for like 4 min, we captured one flag, 3 of the players quit. WHY!?!?!?!?
  5. This whole situation should really prove to companies that release a major title like halo that they SHOULD ALWAYS have a "beta" (aka network stress test) for the game. Even if it was to play 2 maps from each game, at least they would have recognized that shit was broken before they release it. Sure people would obviously be mad not to be able to play a broken beta but not nearly as mad when you pay $60 to play a broken beta.
  6. Holy crap, I go to MCC on twitch just for the lulz and as soon as I click the MCC tab, my entire browser crashes lmao
  7. Mine just says updating with no percentage sign ;( for like 10 min Edit: nvm now just started at 1%... lol
  8. Well I will be in class all day tomorrow, so hopefully when I get home I can jump on and actually get a match. Haven't even touched my xbone since like day 3 of MCC release
  9. I don't plan on sprint going away, it is quite obvious the game is revolved around it considering half the spartan abilities can only be activated when you are in some form of sprint. But once again I have to point to h4 and even reach player numbers because numbers don't lie. Reach was only able to hold around 100k after a year of release, which isn't bad but it's not "halo" numbers and this was with the beginning of the sprint mechanic/armor abilities. Then comes along h4, where the game makes sprint a standard and after around 2 years the population holds what, 10-15k? You don't find that to be a direct correlation? You might debate that halo had other games to compete with like COD and others so that's why the numbers went down. Then why I ask was halo 3 the most popular game in the franchise population wise, even at the end of its life? A game that had no sprint mechanics and had to fight with 2-3 cod titles along with gears and such? Also yes there are people who do like sprint in halo but are you really going to alienate 85% of your fanbase for the people that do like it? Again looking at the numbers
  10. I agree with that the community can be negative at times but I have to respectively disagree with the way of gaining new players. You say that to gain new players, we have use sprint but again I ask why do you think this? We have a classic example of a game (h4) that tried to please the new comers with sprint, while slapping the name halo on it to please old school people and look how that turned out. It's a classic case of trying to appeal to everyone and pleasing no one. Look, not everyone is going to like the style of halo, like I don't like the style of COD. You don't see Infinity or Activation trying to appeal to me. Why? Because they created a game that they wanted and invite anyone else to play who also like it and if someone doesn't like it, sorry just play another game. So I don't understand why we can't have the same mentality. We like halo for what it is, and most of us are willing to let the game change in some ways (I personally look forward to thruster) AS LONG AS it adds to the core of the game and sprint is mechanically not apart of halo.
  11. I'm sure you have personal casual friends who play/use to play halo. For the ones who quit, ask them straight up why they did. From my personal exp, every single person said it was because of sprint/amour abilities. I honestly don't get people's mindset when it comes to causal players. Anytime ANYONE (or 99%) of people on this forum hear the word "casual" they automatically associate them with people who love broken game mechanics. WHY?!?! The 90% of the people who love sprint are the people who are going to leave the game in 3 weeks, regardless of how good the game is, so why cater to them? The old school players (competitive and casual) all know what makes halo, so I hate to see people associate "casual halo player" with "plain old casual"
  12. When I sit down to play the beta, I'm not just going to play it as they "intended" it to play, I'm going to try to break the game. I think this is the kind of mindset we have to go into this. If these new features break the game, exploit them like crazy and show what needs fixed because if everyone played games as they were intended to be played, no game would be broken.
  13. I just want to get even teams and reasonable search times. I can deal with the occasional freeze bug in the meantime, just let me play the game =(
  14. Pretty sure that most of "patches" were very minor server side stuff that ended up helping very little people. The only "big patch" so far was the client side one to help with like campaign freezes and such. I believe the "bigger patch" for sever side stuff is supposed to happen sometime next week like people have been saying. IMO, it's not even worth trying until then but w/e
  15. Anyone else getting "Can not join due to session being full" when searching and there is no one in the queue?
  16. Not a forger but how easy is the H2A forge to use? Comparatively to previous games
  17. This. Yes these problems will reduce population now but people have to remember that we will probably get "another chance" with x-mas rolling around, with people getting an xbone for x-mas, especially since that mcc bundle has been announced, people will get to play it as son as they get the console. Let's try pray that they have most of the problems fixed by then, if not all
  18. > Go into team slayer > H3 gets picked, Guardian Br's (of course) > Entire team just bum rushes with ar > go +17 and lose 50-49 > Lose all hope
  19. Hmm it's weird, I was getting matches last night pretty easily, no 30-40 sec but about 2-3min and everything pretty much worked. I mean I was getting 5v5 in 4v4 playlist but at least the teams never split up weird for me. The only thing that would occasionally mess up was the map being chosen. One game we chose BC and when the game loaded, it was Br's on colossus which wasnt even an option
  20. For those able to get a match on mcc, does anybody have weird audio? The game sounds like its under water
  21. Ummm I don't know if I'm just being dumb or what but I can't even start the dl. When I go to the store and go to the mcc purchase screen, it just says unavailable and is faded out?

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