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  1. Its not really the range that annoys me, its the power that it can do at range.
  2. If useful you mean having the range of a Br and the power of a SAW from H4 than ya I guess
  3. Seriously, how did the automatics make it past alpha?
  4. Anyone find a fix to the message "MCC has to be connected to xbl. Make sure your connected to online" when you are connected to online? I hard reset my xbox, reconnected to my network, open NAT, everything on dashboard is fine and it still won't work
  5. Like others have said, the game really needs a ranking system in place and NOT ALLOW GUESTS. Tired of getting/playing against xxsniperproXX and guest for them to go go a combined -30 in a slayer
  6. I still don't understand how some of you guys have a terrible exp with H2A :/ I play HCS like 95% of the time and 95% of that time, I have a darn near perfect exp as far as registration and I have a connection that never pulls host ever and I also don't think I'm playing on dedis a lot either
  7. Teammates go a combined -29 in HCS slayer... ya hidden ranks..... Edit: So are we for sure getting sometime type of ranking system early next year?
  8. I know this has been said before but I would like to reiterate that they need to match parties with parties. Nothing worse then match to3/to4 calling out and you getting matched soloed with other solos with no mics
  9. Ya I believe so that's why I don't understand why people are freaking out. It's not like they are adding anything new to the game. Idk how it works but I would assume it would be similar to FTP and they are just overwriting code they already have
  10. h2c or h2A? For me H2a the sounds cuts out like every other br battle and just sounds terrible
  11. After playing the hcs playlist some more tonight, I have concluded that ranks can not get here fast enough. It's no fun completely destroying or getting completely destroyed at all
  12. I feel bad for the people who's H2A multiplayer exp being bad. I mean I get like yellow bar hosts like 80% of the time but it doesn't feel like yellow bar, more like inbetween yellow and green. Most of my shots and grenades register and have little rubber band affect at all
  13. I think he was just referring to that if someone isn't "known" they don't get any views
  14. Yep same here. I was finding players in like 30 sec and getting into games in like 1min and a half before patch. Now I can't even find players....
  15. The two things I really have to say watching the gameplay is that all the automatics are probably going to need a nerf and that being able to sprint with sword is a no-no
  16. Anybody else getting a lot more game crashes since the new patch? Like when everyone votes and it tries to load the game, it just crashes a lot for me
  17. currently getting a 8v8 on warlock, lfg!!!! Edit: nvm, game crashed. That reminds me, has anyone noticed if the player count goes higher than the max, the game now crashes no matter what?
  18. This has actually made it worse for me. Before today, i would get matched in like 2 min, now i cant even find players Edit: Wow was searching and found like 4 players and AUTOMATICALLY backed us all out and put us in a custom party where i was party leader.....
  19. Ya i would just suggest doing casual for a while to just get used to the different maps, get shooting down etc. Then you can go into competitive without being too scared cuz your unranked until your first 10 wins
  20. Ya it happens to me all the time, like at least once a game, so annoying.
  21. I was one of those lucky people that was at least getting into matches within 3-4min, with uneven teams. Today, I'm not even getting the placebo "player found" text after 10 min =(

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