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  1. Once they implement a no-sprint playlist, that's when I MIGHT consider buying it. Sprint is the single reason why I wont buy the game. I can't stand the "stop and go" game play that sprint brings to halo. Hopefully when we do get a no-sprint option, we get the ability to change acceleration as well as base movement so no ice skating.
  2. Can't believe people are still having troubles. I was apart of the like 10-20% of people who didn't have THAT many problems even before all the patches started coming out but now it plays even better. I've only played a handful of games, but I only had one black screen/boot game. Other than that, I've gotten dedi's every time (well I mean the counter beeped) and registration in HCS feels really good. The patch is in the right direction but more needs to be done (obv)
  3. I only played like 2 games of week 2 and 2 games of week 3 and that was enough for me. I mean I went in openly knowing it wasn't going to a classic halo but the thing is the game is not even fun/entertaining as a NORMAL game, let alone a HALO game.
  4. You must have went into the hardcore playlist, I mean this is COD right
  5. I still would like to know where it stands though. I'm guessing not that great considering one of the lists is for December and MCC got a bad rep by the end of November
  6. Turn on xbone to play HC, play two games, both times entire team quit, proceed to turn off xbox lol. This is freaking pathetic. Ya I should blame the people for quitting for being down 2 kills but what does it hurt if they quit? There's no ranking system, no time ban for quitting, they have nothing to lose for quitting.
  7. That's why actually having a good ranking system would fix this. You should never lower the skill cap of a game just to accommodate for people who aren't good at the game, you let ranks handle this. If all the players in a game are bad, then the Br starts would be fine because non of them would be good/aware enough to cross map shooting, team shot etc, eliminating most of the complaints bad people have with the game
  8. Man if we were even given the opportunity to play no sprint for just one day....
  9. Just watching ninja no sprint for 2 min, I could already tell this game would be 1000 times without it. Like others have said, I think you could ramp up the base movment speed and the maps would play fine and not have to be redone
  10. Alright well then most people are complimenting the less magnetism in the game, which there is. Auto aim is a different story
  11. I think your confusing magnetism with auto aim. The auto aim is def lower in h5 than most of the halos but the few games of H5 I have played, I can tell you I would finish off a guy with a "headshot" that wasn't even close to his head. The extreme magnetism kinda negates the less auto aim
  12. 343 should be ashamed to even call themselves a developer team. H5 is in the gutter, MCC has no ranks so I always get timmy123 and guest on my team and to make matters worse there is no team pairing so I generally face a t03 or t04 at that. Seriously, how does a company screw up a formula that has worked for over 10 years. You literally just have to copy and they can't even do that right. I'm not even a person to get mad over ANYTHING but this is getting ridiculous /rant Edit: As I finish typing this, I get a 2 v 4 lmao I'm do f*cking done
  13. Breakout makes it even for evident to not even bother using precision weapons because you're dead in about .3 seconds with automatics
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