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  1. Looking for people willing to play in the Boston Microsoft Store open this Sunday 10/8. T02 currently looking for two more. Can t
  2. Just a quick question guys I saw on the HWC2017 schedule that next Saturday 1/14 there is an "Online Seeding Tournament". Just wondering if this is for Saint Louis seeding or for the online qualifier seeding or what. I tried to look for further info on the site but it didn't explain just curious. Also I did not compete in last years Worlds but am thinking about getting on a team for this years. I see that team qualifiers are Saturdays, just wondering what roster lock looks like such as how far ahead of time you need your team to be set etc. Thanks!
  3. KOTOR was the shit. Both of them were honestly the last single player games I was engrossed in and could not put down. As of now I'm one of those kids who wants to play but my attention span doesnt keep for anything non competetive/multiplayer. I think Halo and Smash have turned me into a "social gamer". Hopefully once I start streaming regularly this will change. Want to do lets plays of JRPG's I have never played (Earthbound/Chrono Trigger/FF) as well as Kingdom Hearts (never played).
  4. Sounds good man. Add me on live Spellmannnnn. I think the next H5 LAN will be in June sometime
  5. Damn alright just trying to let the people of the northeast know where to play haha
  6. Hey guys haven't posted in like 8 months just got Halo 5 and will probably be around a little more but a quick question. Where would he the appropriate place to advertise a 2v2 tourney being held in MA? Just don't want to post in the wrong place that's all. Thanks guys
  7. If anyones interested this is happening next Sunday in Natick MA at the New Game Underground. Been playing in tournies here since H2 days legit venue for sure. Its a H3 LAN and if enough people show we can run some sort of event (2v2, 4v4, FFA). PM me if you have any other questions. https://www.facebook.com/events/1614267205493202/
  8. I was at the HCS finals at Pax. It was very enjoyable for me and other Halo fans who were watching, but even then there wasn't that much hype. Winners finals was sick and losers finals got some attention, but grand finals was very anticlimatic. It was enjoyable to see so many pros and ex pros watching (sat near Ghandi) but overall the game lacks hype. Lack of maps and gametypes is hurting HCS. Hopefully they can raise the hype for season 2 and get more people watching by mixing up maps and gametypes #forge
  9. Bro its Goro, what you gonna do. Also gonna probably preorder and its going to be my first MK purchase since the first one for SNES so I am pretty hype.
  10. agreed, especially now that exposure is down with a lot of streams dropping it. I loved 3.02 I've played some 3.5 its fun and stuff but I would rather play Melee when I get my chances. Also Diddy only has one banana now so i dont like playing with balanced characters
  11. Yeah that was some pretty flashy fast play from what ive seen... once it gets the Project M treatment though >>>>
  12. Wait what??? Wasn't there a massive like survey taken across communities and like 70% didn't want sprint? (No citation but I think it was pre beta launch post gameplay reveal)
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