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  1. Adding you when I get home from work, currently To2 making a team. Semi pro in h2/h3
  2. Add V i IV Y A R D. Making a team at the moment, msg me online so we can set something up
  3. Forming a team right now. Would love to scrim you guys during our tryouts or even after we get team set. Gt: V i IV Y A R D
  4. Sent you a FR last night. Will be playing good bit tonight. I have to lifeguard from 6:30-8:00 and then playing til around 2.
  5. Making team, add V i IV Y A R D
  6. Sent you a msg online, my buddy are I are forming a team, we've been competing since h2. taking a run at actually being super competitive again since before h4
  7. I have a To2 and my buddy and I have played since h2 also. We have experience and are very dedicated. Best friends irl and have a very dynamic duo between us 2 from multiple years of teaming. East coast as well and play during those times everyday. I'm on vacation til the 15th but the grind begins the day I get home. Add me if you are still looking for 2 players and interested in running games. Gt: V i IV Y A R D
  8. To2 looking for 2 more players to anyone on this post. On vacation til 15th. Past experience and looking to get back into the competitive scene after a brief break. Grind everyday an from East Coast. Gt: V i IV Y A R D
  9. Looking for 2 and grind everyday. On vacation until the 15th though. Gt: V i IV Y A R D
  10. Am looking for 2 more players for competitive team. Have experience also. Will be home from vacation on 15th and will grind everyday again. Gt: V i IV Y A R D
  11. Looking for 2 more players, will be home from vacation on 15th. We grind everyday. Gt: V i IV Y A R D
  12. On vacation til 15th, but we are looking for 2 more players. We grind everyday and have experience. Will add you when I get home. Gt: V i IV Y A R D
  13. We are looking for 2. On vacation til 15th but then everyday grind again. Add me and msg me if you're interested in running games. Gt: V i IV Y A R D
  14. I'm on vacation right now and will be back this upcoming Tuesday the 15th! My friend and I are a To2 looking for 2 also. We have teamed since H2 and have competitive backgrounds and experience. We are looking to get back onto the competitive scene! We grind everyday. I will add you when I get back and lets run games. Gt: V i IV Y A R D
  15. Me and my buddy have been playing as a team since original h2 days. Looking for 2 more players who are willing to play competitively and are dedicated to the game. I am looking for smart players who are always looking to improve as a team. Add me and message me. We will run games and see how we mesh. GT: V i IV Y A R D (the iv makes an N)
  16. Sea vomit, I played against you a few times tonight. Add me. My best friend and I were semi's back in the day. Looking for ppl to play with for customs, ffa's and for when team hardcore becomes ranked sometime this month. I'm chill and callout. always have fun when I play. Never a dull moment. I'll add ppl from here tomorrow too, but add me. Gt: V i iv y a r d (spaces inbetween each one except iv)
  17. V I iv y a r d. There are spaces inbetween each letter except for iv. From lower burrell which is 20-30 min from Pittsburgh. Butler and Erie is close. I went to college at slippery rock
  18. If anyone wants Mossity as a Teacher, I will gladly help out also. I am very versatile in any specifics of H2 classic, H2A, and H3. Teacher/Student: Teacher Gamertag: V i iv y a r d Games: H2C, H2A, and H3 Specifics: Obj, FFA, Positioning, communicating, smart plays (as a teacher in real life, I am good at instructing people so that they understand what they are doing and why they are doing so), useful jumps (not spring jumps because they are pretty unrealistic to do mid game on the fly) and how to become a better overall player Timezone/Location: PA, EST
  19. just saw this today, i'll add you tonight
  20. If you already have a team and are looking for good scrims, post your GT here. Do not post if you are a F/A. Teams would rather scrim teams and not randoms. My team is looking for scrims. GT: V i iv y a r d
  21. I'm looking for 2 for the GameOn H2A MCC LAN on the 29th. Message me on xbl. GT: V i iv y a r d
  22. My teammate and I are from Pittsburgh and we want to go to GameOn LANs. Want to team for it? We have always crushed local competition. Looking to make some extra money GT: V i iv y a r d Message me
  23. Lets run games tonight, I will add you!
  24. Looking for 1 and planning to run a lot of games this weekend. Please post your GT and your experience. Looking for committed and dedicated players who plan on playing competitively at events.
  25. When you get your team, add my GT for scrims. GT: V i iv y a r d
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