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  1. Adding you when I get home from work, currently To2 making a team. Semi pro in h2/h3
  2. Add V i IV Y A R D. Making a team at the moment, msg me online so we can set something up
  3. Forming a team right now. Would love to scrim you guys during our tryouts or even after we get team set. Gt: V i IV Y A R D
  4. Sent you a FR last night. Will be playing good bit tonight. I have to lifeguard from 6:30-8:00 and then playing til around 2.
  5. Making team, add V i IV Y A R D
  6. Sent you a msg online, my buddy are I are forming a team, we've been competing since h2. taking a run at actually being super competitive again since before h4
  7. I have a To2 and my buddy and I have played since h2 also. We have experience and are very dedicated. Best friends irl and have a very dynamic duo between us 2 from multiple years of teaming. East coast as well and play during those times everyday. I'm on vacation til the 15th but the grind begins the day I get home. Add me if you are still looking for 2 players and interested in running games. Gt: V i IV Y A R D
  8. To2 looking for 2 more players to anyone on this post. On vacation til 15th. Past experience and looking to get back into the competitive scene after a brief break. Grind everyday an from East Coast. Gt: V i IV Y A R D
  9. Looking for 2 and grind everyday. On vacation until the 15th though. Gt: V i IV Y A R D
  10. Am looking for 2 more players for competitive team. Have experience also. Will be home from vacation on 15th and will grind everyday again. Gt: V i IV Y A R D
  11. Looking for 2 more players, will be home from vacation on 15th. We grind everyday. Gt: V i IV Y A R D
  12. On vacation til 15th, but we are looking for 2 more players. We grind everyday and have experience. Will add you when I get home. Gt: V i IV Y A R D
  13. We are looking for 2. On vacation til 15th but then everyday grind again. Add me and msg me if you're interested in running games. Gt: V i IV Y A R D
  14. I'm on vacation right now and will be back this upcoming Tuesday the 15th! My friend and I are a To2 looking for 2 also. We have teamed since H2 and have competitive backgrounds and experience. We are looking to get back onto the competitive scene! We grind everyday. I will add you when I get back and lets run games. Gt: V i IV Y A R D
  15. Me and my buddy have been playing as a team since original h2 days. Looking for 2 more players who are willing to play competitively and are dedicated to the game. I am looking for smart players who are always looking to improve as a team. Add me and message me. We will run games and see how we mesh. GT: V i IV Y A R D (the iv makes an N)
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