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  1. Halo 4 being considered the best campaign is one of the things I hear the most, and I agree tbh. While the game is shit, the story was great IMO. Sure it had some crap characters like Palmer or some SIV assholes, but it was mostly great. This one was basically fan fiction.
  2. Lol don't worry about it. None of it matters in the campaign.
  3. Saw ''Halo 5 Guardians Discussion '' in the title, and I immediately posted on this thread, I didn't see the Campaign discussion thread.
  4. The campaign was okay, but it had too many fan fiction cliche shit. Disappointing to be honest, and #HuntTheTruth my ass,I've heard Halo 3 (I agree) has the worst campaign in the series, and Halo 4 the best one, then I'd rank H5G between Halo 2 and 3. 1.H4 2.CE 3.Reach 4.Halo 2 5.Halo 5 6.Halo 3 None of them are bad, but the bottom 2 are just "okay". Edit: Cons: -QTE ending, again -Badly implemented plot cliches -Misleading ads. Brb Locke and Chief are buddy buddy at the end and only had 1 fight scene. -Random "Warden Eternal" guy -Jul M'dama died in the first 10 minutes -Crap cliffhanger Pros: Smooth gameplay Vastly improved designs and scenery in game engine cinematics (would have preferred cutscenes by Blur, but that's quite expensive). Arbiter was useless but badass More open world feel to it (specially meridian)
  5. I'll just wait for you guys to play the game and see what's your reaction.
  6. Okay so.. uh.. the campaign is garbage. 343i just ripped off a lot of lore fan. This is the most fan fiction-like story I've witnessed (in this franchise). It was full of clich├ęs, deus ex machinas, completely ignored past character development, and the advertisement lied. Oh, and the legendary ending is garbage.
  7. Do you know how to play SSBPM online on the homebrew version?
  8. Any Project M or Smash players in this thread?
  9. That Metal Gear Solid V gameplay was amazing. Hopefully the MGS HD collection gets into the backwards compatibility thing. I love MGS 2 and 3. My Black Hawk song HAS to be Final Countdown. Can't wait to have air support with that song in the background.
  10. Isn't the last guardian a Shadow of the Colossus sequel?
  11. Just caught up with 2 months+ of halo news and lore and I'm still not interested in Halo 5. I'm excited for the campaign though. Will rent a month or two after release/10
  12. This is what's worrying me. In the Halo 5 thread you can see people praising 343i because of the whole Hunt the Truth, and the marketing campaign for the game's story mode. Even on other forums and youtube you see people hyping it up. Hopefully, they actually give us a good game instead of blowing all their money on marketing and then give us a half-cooked game.
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