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  1. I thought I would try my luck at some CE matchmaking. First game get 4 players, looking good. It ends up being a 3v1... The lag is still shit too because it isn't using dedicated servers.
  2. MCC obviously. They still don't even have dedicated servers working.
  3. Take a look at this. It shows you where teammates and enemies will spawn based on your position. Basically teammates will spawn near each other, so if your teammate hides in a bad spot you're going to get spawnrekt.
  4. In matchmaking I start the timer as soon as the loading screen starts and it sometimes still ends up ahead by a random amount. I think it depends on the lag. If you use the timer in my sig you can pause it or manually set the time on it to match it up with the game.
  5. I think Camo is much easier to see. Probably because of the [email protected] upgrade that makes everything much, much clearer than the typical [email protected] (480p if you were lucky) which was typically played at split screen so you would half or quarter that resolution. Not to mention the screens we played on back then were typically much smaller and you were huddled around them with 4 people so you had to sit fairly far away, and people mostly used lossy analog signals that fuzzed out a lot of the detail.
  6. Just played another CE matchmaking game. I walked over the overshield and a half second later died and didn't get the overshield. Terrible lag. It was a 2v2 and I went +22 and we still lost because my teammate had single digit kills. Not only did he suck but he would randomly shoot me when I have the overshield and camo.... I also got the anti-aim glitch 5 times that game. I wonder if it is because of lag. Fix the dedicated servers already!
  7. Probably not, or they tested it and just didn't give a fuck. Remember how shit the Halo CE split screen FOV was? They would have left it like that if there wasn't a huge uproar and it is an extremely simple thing to fix.
  8. Nope, US. I likely just have a higher standard than you do with regards to lag. I'm mostly a PC gamer and I'll only play FPS games on servers with a sub 40 ms ping and that will still bother me. Lag from peer to peer hosting is one of the reasons I quit console gaming. The game I played today felt like 90 ms ping with occasional packet loss, which IMO isn't even worth playing. It is frustrating as hell when dodging doesn't do anything and you get killed behind walls. With dedicated servers in Chicago my ping could easily be under 30 ms which would satisfy me. I played some custom games closer to launch with people within my metro area and it was pretty much as good as playing on a LAN. It would be awesome if they have some dedicated servers in the Minneapolis area. Hopefully once they fix matchmaking they match you up with people nearby so you don't get laggy games, or at least give an option to set that as a preference. Otherwise matchmaking just won't be worth playing for me.
  9. I played one game of CE. The net code is much better now. It still blows ass playing on non-dedicated servers though. I'm waiting for dedis before I do matchmaking.
  10. Okay. But 343 Industries did the networking and interface themselves and the networking is far from working correctly, and the interface is pretty buggy too.
  11. It is because 343 literally has no idea what they are doing. It is a studio completely filled with incompetence. Incompetent developers, incompetent QA, incompetent management. It doesn't matter how long they work on it, they'll never be able to fix it. At this point they just need to hand it off to another development studio, and it would probably take them a good 6 months to fix it because 343 Industries fucked it up so bad.
  12. I would have played the PC version a lot more but it had a frame rate cap of 60 otherwise I loved it. edit: MMX sounds awesome and I love their goals. Since they're using UE4 they shouldn't have any framerate cap issues. I'm definitely looking forward to it.
  13. I disagree with that based on how much of a colossal failure the MCC is. Of course Halo 1 was a pretty terrible port and Halo 2 wasn't a great port either. I guess it just guarantees if they ever port The MCC to PC it is going to be shit. They can't even get the fucking mouse controls right. Instead of doing it right they just add another layer of code that basically emulates a joystick using a mouse which was originally made to emulate a mouse. So you get terrible yo dawg mouse acceleration that makes the game frustrating as hell to play for any serous PC gamer. It isn't that fucking hard to do it right. Give me the source code and I could get it working properly in a day.
  14. If you do the trick to skip that part one person dies, so you respawn to the checkpoint before you completed the trick making it pointless.
  15. You can't on legendary. If one player dies you have to restart.
  16. I just want to take this opportunity to brag that I hold the world record for Halo 2 Regret cooperative on Legendary. We actually had the record for every skill level on coop Regret at one point, but someone beat our easy record.
  17. They don't have to make it "ranked", just give players a hidden ranking. A lot of games do this. I'm not sure if Halo ever has.
  18. Yeah the skill ceiling is sky high in CE. Even good players can pretty much be shutout by great players.
  19. If you're going to try playing PC FPS games with a controller you're going to have a bad time. The only reason you aim decent with a controller on a console is because of aim assistance such as magnetism and auto-aim. PC games generally don't give you this with a controller so aiming with a controller is extremely difficult. You're better off getting a decent gaming mouse and getting used to it. Here is an excellent guide for setting up your mouse. As for games, Halo's biggest inspiration was Unreal Tournament. The Arena shooter genre is struggling right now and not nearly as popular as back in the UT99 and Quake 3 Arena days, If you're really into competitive arena shooters you should look into Quake Live (it is free). Just be aware that you're going to get roflstomped because most of the people still playing it are extremely hardcore. Hopefully the new Unreal Tournament will revive the Arena FPS genre into glory. It is quite a ways from being done, but it will be completely free. If you're just looking for good FPS games, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a must. I would also check out Chivalry: Medieval Warfare which is more of a first person melee game, but it is extremely good with deep combat and an extremely high skill ceiling. If you're into competitive gaming you'll like it.
  20. No Halo 1 playlist. Almost never get dedicated servers. I don't care about anything else at this point. I would suffer through the other Halo games in Team Slayer and BTB if they were on dedicated servers for the chance to play a Halo 1 match.
  21. Sadly this is true for the vast majority of games. If someone is good at the game the developers or people in charge think it means the game is imbalanced.
  22. At least with Nintendo you know it isn't their goal to make Smash Brothers a good competitive game so it isn't as big of a let down.
  23. The MCC has brought me back to play some Halo 1. I've lurked here for CE info so I thought I should join and contribute. I made a website Halo CE timer I used to play a ton of Halo 1 with a bunch of really good players. I played in local tournaments and went to an AGP tournament and out-pistoled the ogres, but didn't get to go to any other big tournaments because of money and school. When Halo 2 came out my roommate and I made it to top 5 on the team skirmish leaderboard the first month and were beating pro teams on xbox live, but then cheaters started happening and it ruined Halo 2 for me, but I never really liked it as much as Halo 1 anyways. I played the newer Halos less and less. I would occasionally LANd Halo CE, play Halo PC or play on XBC, but mostly just stuck to PC games. Now with the MCC out I can finally play Halo 1 on Xbox Live.
  24. Gamertag: LocoPollo Customs/MM: Both Region: Midwest US (Minnesota) I won't play anything but CE and I don't want to play on far away hosts, so Midwest only please.

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