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  1. Best like you said the formation of 2011 Instinct.


    Worst off the top of my head would be when t2 dropped Naded and ryanoob just after they placed 2nd to instinct at Columbus 2011 and then picked up neighbor and Elamite and placed like top 12. There's probably a worse one than that but can't think of one at the moment. That pistola one was pretty bad also like you said.


    they placed 20th

  2. I'd also like a team that is more online rather than going to events and such - I'm from the UK which probably explains why.


    If that's a problem, you can still add me just for some more Halo people on your friends list if you'd like since I need that too - GT is Miniman CE.




    there's an online tournament at the end of the month, get a team and win a pair of astros.  :)

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