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  1. Map: Construct Gametype: CTF before H4 Weapon: H2 BR Playlist: Team Training :bman:
  2. change your twitch name to kev_franklin_saves_halo soon pls
  3. I bought A40s a week before the Xbox One announcement and finding that I might not be able to use them on the new Xbox was kind of a kick in the balls. Hopefully they will sell an adapter though.
  4. topmid.eu there's an online tournament at the end of the month, get a team and win a pair of astros.
  5. not in mlg, no. but maybe social playlists :apk:
  6. yo man, evades all day praise envyus, leader, surgeon, mimstar, bengal, faith, f3isty and all the fam
  7. aries coming in and telling cp's number 1 fan to stop :maven:
  8. powering through naruto shippuden atm, love it except some of the fillers.
  9. Gandhi's thoughts about this? :gandhi:
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