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  1. The way placements work in this system is that you start off against the average rank. If you do well, your next placement is against higher ranks, if you do poorly your next game is against lower ranks. You're basically moving up or down a ladder in placements. The system tries to put you in games with similar placement rankings, but obviously that's hard to do. So if you are in placements and see actual ranks, that's the area you're currently at. I think there should be a Plat/Diamond cap too, but congrats on Onyx :P
  2. I spy Elamite. But anyway, its because thats roughly the skill area you're gonna be placed. That game is gonna evaluate whether you can compete with those rankings. If you do poorly, you'll be placed slightly lower (if you had more placement games you'd play against lower rankings in the next game). By seeing this I'm assuming you're doing well. Post up where you get placed. I guarantee you get onyx if you finish top 3.
  3. Ranks didn't reset, server is just getting hammered a bit. They'll reappear after a bit. You aren't losing any progress. And me and my party have not experience lag at all in like 8 hours of playing. Only the rank disappearing once.
  4. Guessing servers are getting hammered at the moment. My ranks also disappeared as did my req points.
  5. Don't understand why there still isn't join in progress for game members zzz.
  6. It doesnt. Yea with friends and relatives I just play Warzone Assault. There really needs to be at least 1 unranked. Just make a social playlist with a mix of all modes :/
  7. Thats how it is in every game with this system. It means the people in placements are currently being evaluated at that level. They win, they maintain or play higher, they lose they play worse ranks.
  8. The kill feed shows assists. It'll have the blacker background and yellow arrow like if you got a kill, but obviously show X killed Y.
  9. Play Warzone Assault. So much better. Playing it some people until our party shrinks to 4. You play as either Attacking or Defending, 6 minute round, 1 base at a time. When attackers take a base, 6 minutes resets and you move onto the second base, after the second base to the core. No prometheans/covies.
  10. Got a skin for every starter except the pistol. FeelsBadMan.
  11. Yes, of course. Else there'd be no reason to play after getting to X6.
  12. Everyone who says nobody talks, make sure to switch to GAME chat, as party chat is the default. When the game starts, hit the back button, and then hit B. Its not as active as the old days, but in Arena usually there's people.
  13. I'm assuming they made it so you can't rotate view in Breakout so teammates can't watch angles behind the person and give callouts. Its better that way. But sometimes the view angle does get awkward.
  14. Did you change it from party chat to game chat? Back button, B.
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