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  1. GT: PhazeOff US (Eastern time) On right now! Looking for people to run Team Arena or Slayer with. Tired of playing with people with no mics
  2. I'm down for a LAN. I live in Gwinnett which might be kind of out of the way from everyone, but give me a time and date and I'll try my best to make it
  3. Nah H2C always had it like that. You can switch from player to player but can't look around. It's pretty annoying but you just learn to not care after a while lol
  4. I've started using it. It definitely felt awkward at first but it takes some getting used to. I've gotten some BXRs to work but I rarely ever hit a double shot. BXB is gonna take some getting used to. I keep hitting X which has gotten me killed so many times. I'm gonna stick with it for a little longer to see if I can get better with it though
  5. How many copies do you guys think MCC will sell on the first day?
  6. Hi guys! I don't know if this has been posted or not but there's a Halo 2 tournament hosted by Round 3 Gaming at XStation Game Center today at 6:30. I know this is on really short notice but I didn't even know about this site till today. Here's the link with more information. http://www.round3gaming.net/halo-tourney-xstation/ I'm not affiliated with round 3 gaming or XStation. I'm just looking to meet more people and hopefully create a larger turn out. To my knowledge they regularly host Halo tournaments each month so there will definitely be more. Their location is in Gwinnett so it might be far for a lot of you. I guess I should introduce myself since I'm new here. I'm Faizan! I'm 19 (turn 20 in 2 days!) and I live in Gwinnett. I've been playing Halo competitively like it was my job since Halo 2 and Halo 3 (well I guess not my job since I wasn't pro lol). But because I was so young back then I didn't have the chance to attend big LANs or events besides some local tourneys that did not provide much of a challenge. I used to lurk the MLG forums a lot back then but ever since Halo died out I lost touch with everything that had to do with it. I'm now looking to seriously get back into gaming and hopefully try to start a team with some people here. I know you guys must be as excited as I am for MCC to come out. I'm looking forward to gaming with some of you!

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