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  1. GT: Gene Splicing Customs/MM: I'll play anything PLS 343 Why you do dis Region: West Coast, US
  2. It would just be easier to have one main set of playlists separated into categories (Ranked, Social, Community). Then you can have your own check boxes and select or deselect the game you would like to search across. Ranked: Team Slayer Doubles Lone Wolves Head to Head Snipes BTB Social: Team Objective Social Slayer Swat Squad Action Sack Multi-team Community Team Hardcore Grifball Infection Then off to the side or on the screen after the playlist select screen you see Select Game Preferences: ■ Halo CE ■ Halo 2 ■ Halo 2 Anniversary ■ Halo 3 ■ Halo 4 It would be the same for the campaign matchmaking. One global set of playlists with the ability to drill down to which games you would like to search across. Also some game options wouldn't be available for every playlist
  3. I think the new spartan abilities would be something like a knee slide or cover mechanic from watching the H5 trailer.
  4. Had to add up stats from a couple of my gamertags Halo 2: 8084 Games played (KD | 1.25) Halo 3: 5759 Games played (KD | Ranked: 1.34 | Social: 1.81) Halo Reach: 814 Games Played (KD | 1.38) Halo 4 : 2186 Games Played (KD | 1.69) About 130 Days total
  5. I find it really hard to believe that they would re-do graphics for all the multiplayer maps (disk and dlc maps) + update all the coding so the game will run on the new xbl infrustructure + remove all the glitches + patch all exploits to prevent modding
  6. I'm a super Halo fanboy. I def. support anything halo that is released in the FPS genre blindly. I just can't help it.
  7. 343 would be dumb not to push this through if it wasn't being worked on already. all this hype for a 10 year old game. I'm sure Microsoft is seeing green right now.
  8. Halo CE: Freshness Halo 2: Skill Ranks/Rank Symbols from 40 to 50 (I think the coding for Ranking system should be more sophisticated though) Halo 3: power-ups Halo Wars: nothing Halo 3 ODST: Firefight Halo Reach: XP Ranks Halo 4: Hit detection Halo Spartan Assault: ability to be multi-platform (PC, Console)
  9. Were there any funny or weird interview questions? Do they ask you questions about halo during the interview?
  10. That's my point. A lot of things in Halo are accidents which is why they are removed in the games that follow.
  11. I didn't have any issues with Halo 4 at launch. (After the weapon update I realized how much I missed the 4 shot BR though) I don't mind sprint I don't miss button glitches I spent hours/days superbouncing out of maps in halo 2 but I'm glad that stuff is gone ( I think they should add really hard jumps to get to certain areas or access objects quicker - that way players can exploit something that's supposed to be in the game but not easy to become good at) I enjoy using the thruster pack and I think it should stay for the next game.
  12. I think they are trolling everyone with the Vibe name
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