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  1. Also West coast is shit for EU viewership, it just goes on far too late for us to be able to watch the whole thing.
  2. Ah right, forgot eltown was on nV, thought they meant four other teams.
  3. Does anyone know which teams have been invited to the LAN? Cos that's from the espn article and unless I'm being an idiot, it's not overly clear. Espn link http://www.espn.co.uk/esports/story/_/id/15189384/halo-championship-series-pro-league-launch-31-feature-250000-prize-pool-esports Edit: for other stupid people like me, this is because these are the 4 teams with ex-allegiance members on. No other teams are invited.
  4. Hoping for another great season, and another winning Lethul team change just before finals. That hurricane was great.
  5. Realy happy ro see rengades do well, and epsilon get that win over C9! If anyone wants free rep just repsomd to me right now!
  6. No problem, I know I did a pretty stellar job at spectating.
  7. I know I'm being lazy, but does anyone know what time it starts in the UK?
  8. TI5 was pool play, where the top 2 of each pool were placed in to the winners bracket of a double elim bracket, and the rest are placed in the losers bracket. The recent major was like this as well, double elim bracket after pool play. Comparing bo3/bo5 is kinda pointless, as dota games tend to last a lot longer than halo games.
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