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  1. Hey guys, Even though I don't post often, I've read virtually every post in the HCS/HWC predictions threads for years now. I'd like to address the people who think that Str8 Rippin may have some sort of "special privileges" because I'm a caster of the HCS. It's completely untrue and actually quite hurtful to hear people say these things because of the amount of work I put in towards the team, Halo, and esports as a whole. Let's just throw out that Halo has dominated half of my life: I spent the last 5 months of 2016 away from home towards the end of last year to host CS:GO, cast Overwatch, and cast/host/analyze for Halo 5. During this time, I found out one of the higher ups at ESL owned SK Gaming and my co-host for CS:GO Ryu, owned Team Selfless. I did a little more digging and found out 100 percent that it's not a conflict of interest and it would be much appreciated if people would think before the type because you're technically trying to strip me of my hard work by saying I shouldn't be allowed to do both. Now onto work that the players of Str8 Rippin did: The players earned the 4th seed in worlds because of their placings from previous events. Should the format be better? Should the info be released way earlier? Should we have more teams? And a bunch of other things? Heck yes, but either way Str8 got placed in pool D vs the BEST EU team and BEST Latin American team. Who is to say that these teams aren't amazingly skilled? We know that NA is strong but saying these other teams won't perform is just not true. In terms of my bias while casting Str8: I have gone back to listen (as I always do) while I'm casting --- I'm extremely careful while I cast. I try to be as unbiased as possible but I agree that Ghost and I shouldn't commentate Str8 games together because I thought it was very poorly executed at Vegas. We've already addressed it, yes I own the team, but I'm there as a personality trying to make you understand and enjoy the game. Now because of community feedback (twitch chat and here) -- I may not able to cast Str8 games live again. I was already stripped of being to cast all Str8 games on Sunday of Vegas....which actually really hurts because it's something I love doing and feel I'm damn good at it. Pools for Worlds: I don't look into what the pools are too much because I've always realized after 13+ years of competing that it's not about who you play, it's about how you play. Also, the bracket will be a little random after pool play anyway. Never in my right mind would I try to use any connections at ESL that I may have to improve any teams seeding. It's just not possible. It's not possible because of my integrity but not only that, HELLO, ESL's integrity or any tournament operator as well. There's some confusion about why Panda is 5th and not 4th - my guess is we had more points, higher seed, and qualified before them to get into worlds. I received (as did other players and team owners) a packet which explained the bracket and pool play which made complete sense to me. Now, that doesn't mean everyone isn't entitled to their opinion. Hell this is a forum, speak up. I just hope this clarifies some things for you guys and shows a little bit of my passion towards the community as a whole. Definitely could have been a little more thought out or well written. -T2
  2. I'm talking about a master thread that competes with this thread as the main area for people to come and discuss what they are interested in. However, seems like I'm being bashed for my post which is hilarious considering how much effort I'm putting into trying to help Halo. I guess I'll just continue to do my job and will stop coming here as often because I have a lot to say and this forum does nothing but bring me down at times. The attitudes of some people just ruin it for me.
  3. Thank you for this post Simms. I agree with almost everything you said and would love to test gametypes similar to your recommendations. Personally, I know a lot of the community feels the same way. Regarding the TB forums. I don't see a post that is the "Official Halo 5 community feedback" thread. Just general Halo 5 discussion and things being posted here and there in a handful of different topics. It would be great if someone would start that ^ thread and everybody could make similar, professional, thought provoking posts that 343 can take in and feel good about how this community responds. That thread should be HEAVILY moderated to ensure all posts are well written because if that was the case, we would start to see REAL change around here. Naa mean? When I come to this specific topic, the HCS Pro League Fall 2016 teams seeds and predictions discussion, this is a thread that has been running on the MLG forums since the beginning of time. I believe Lastman was the OG creator of the thread. I've been reading this thread since I was 18 years old and it pains me to see the current state which is just a bash fest and cesspool for negativity. If you're offended by my last sentence, you're probably a part of that pool.
  4. Right, I understand the frustration. But read the bottom of my post. Everyone has to use their best effort and put together EDUCATED posts that 343 or whoever else involved can take the constructive criticism and share that with their co-workers. I get it, this is a forum, we tend to be pretty verbal and flaming isn't very uncommon. However, the people putting in lots of work don't deserve to have all of your frustrations taken out on them. Give them your respect and help out in a positive way. That's all I'm asking. Everyone is titled to your opinion but everyone has a choice of how to get that opinion across.
  5. Sorry Lemon, but they don't have to do ANYTHING? How do you think you make it in this world today? Doing nothing? Sorry but that's not the case. I car pooled anywhere and everywhere. I sacrificed so many things in my life to get where I am today and to become a professional Halo player. I starved myself and saved lunch money, sold burnt CD's, emailed hundreds of sponsors (mostly never getting a response), took buses, trains, whatever I HAD to do to make it + follow a dream that I really believed in. I can't follow up and respond with you after this because I just don't think you understand.
  6. It's so disappointing to come in here and read the negativity towards the people working on running these tournaments. While it's not perfect and yes there is room for improvement, the way you guys try to get your point across is just absolutely pathetic. Tashi and a few others don't have to post on these forums nor do they have to read them. Personally, I enjoy coming here to find the occasional useful information like who is winning scrims and what the community actually thinks about the teams, matches, and events as a whole. Now, I haven't read every post but while Santa Ana may be a little expensive to fly to, there hasn't been a West Coast Open event in a while. With that being said, Esports Arena can run one heck of an event especially based on what these things typically cost to run. I'm confident that ESA and PGL will bring us both fantastic events. We just had a local event in Chattanooga - and while it may have been a cool event to attend to, the production level was amateur level and the broadcast these 2 companies will bring to the table will rival with top tournament/production companies for (I'm assuming a fraction of the cost). Yes, we all know a majority of Halo players are east coast because how potent that area of the map is in terms of Halo talent and also just the overall geography. But Vegas is one of the cheapest places to fly in and the hotels are extremely reasonable based on where the location of the tournament is. My problem is the players need to sack up and head to these events - save up just like myself and other players before them did. Get a second job, do whatever you have to do to make it into the event. Stream, ask for donations, give lessons, bust your ass. For the players that can't make it to the event, that's why there is online qualifying. Yes, still lots of improvement for upcoming seasons but the growth from MCC to now and even from Summer H5 HCS season to now has been a good step forward. However, if people keep acting like jackasses to people who are in decision making positions at 343/ESL/ESA/PGL, we will do nothing but take steps backward. I know TeamBeyond is a great thing for this community and there is a lot of good posts here but the point of this specific post is to let you guys know: think before you just start blurting out your opinion. Make educated posts that these people can go and pass to their teams. Stop using profanity because your frustrated and go out there and support the tournament because that's what is needed to make this community stronger.
  7. You don't provide any facts and you're pretty misinformed so I'll save myself the time and energy. The only fact mentioned by anyone is that the ESA tournament conflicted with the HCS open days - I have a lot to say on this topic but the fact of the matter is the players could have played there, all 4 sitting next to each other, on an ideal tournament set up just like Optic did for the HCS Pro League this past week. 2 teams for a LAN tournament with 3k+ prize pool = a huge red flag and if the community doesn't see that...well we are being biased and blind at that point. If anyone cares, I still am deeply passionate about Halo. Half of my life has been dedicated to this game and I love it. It has done a lot for me and I hope that I've reached a lot of people by sharing that same passion. With that being said, I'm not sure where I stand in this thing anymore seeing as casting doesn't seem to be an option. I've put everything on the table when it comes to trying to compete and cast but it seems like 343, ESL, and other pro players believe someone else can do a better job. If that's the case I will be taking my talents elsewhere but will still always have a huge spot in my heart for Halo. Edit: in regards to the EU roster changes: I had a video talking about the state of Halo 5 and how it has the worst turnover rate when it comes to teams sticking together. This is a huge problem which is a mix to the rules which ESL is still trying new things out and players flat out being selfish. There is always behind the scenes things happening and history is "his" "story" but I really hope we develop some sort of consistency and middle ground to prevent things from happening.
  8. The tournament was announced about a month ago and had a 3k prize pool. I drove 5 hours there to cast just to find out it had been cancelled. 5 hours back home and all I could think about was how sad that only 8 players showed up to what could have been a phenomenal event. We had Optic there, 1 other team and an entire production crew ready to make serious things happen. 2k viewers last Esports Arena Halo tournament (50k peaked for OW), I was looking to double that but I'm beginning to lose hope when I see things like this. I would have rather taken a kick in the groin and get it over with.
  9. When you have radar and "default" weapons as a start and the other team has power weapon control (BR/sniper/fuel rod/rockets/sword/etc) you get heavily punished. That's why the starts of games are more important in Halo 5 compared to any other Halo. Even more so compared to Halo 1 because you could slow the game down and use grenade tactics to blow weapons/power ups back. Reasons to snowball: 1- radar 2- default weapons 3- bad start (accidentally nade teammate, miss a jump, push each other off spawn, or just plain mess up/get out played) 4- easy to collapse on spawns with sprint 5- easy to predict spawn system 6- current weapon and power up placement Hope that gives you some insight on why we are seeing so many blowouts.
  10. Please don't put me in a list of people not willing to "grind." When it comes to commitment, dedication, and the amount of time I'm willing to get better individually and the amount of time I take to make the team better, it's really not even close. Don't know where this non-dedication thing comes from. Also, I saw a post from ABK (Nerdy) that kind of rubbed me the wrong way. Saying you outplaced "30 percent of these people" isn't true. Just because you beat us in a round of the LCQ (where the day before we beat you) doesn't mean you have better tournament placings. Let's look at your overall tournament history and who has outplaced who and then maybe we can talk. Online tournaments (IMO) are a complete joke. I was disconnected from my game about 5-6 times on the Final day of the LCQ mixed with 1 of our teammates literally waking up 5 minutes before it starts. Respect, get some.
  11. Zeke everything you are saying is subjective and is opinion. I'm stating facts. Fact: You're acting like a little bitch. Does that make you a bitch? No. Get over it. I'm done with you and this thread. See you all in Boston <3
  12. Let's clear the air on this Zeke stuff since there is a lot of bullshit rumors going around. I asked Zeke to join the team because our options were running pretty slim. We originally wanted Legit but he seemed comfortable on BtH which was understandable. I liked Zeke, even though I didn't think he was a top tier player yet when it came to 4s, he seemed to be a nice guy that wanted to win. With that being said, there is 2 sides to every story: I've been personally paying out of pocket with Naded for our entire teams expenses this entire season. That includes teammates flights, hotels, cabs, coaching fees, and so forth. Naded and I are technically losing money from the HCS (at this point) because the rest of the team struggled financially to pay for their own stuff. Having to pay for others people shit is never cool, but I was working my ass off to try and land sponsors for Str8. We were working on numerous sponsors, like Astro, GAEMS, Elgato and more. I personally paid my lawyer $500 to write the contracts, I negotiated the deals for the team where everyone got paid EQUALLY. AKA I'm giving up individual sponsorship opportunities in order to SPLIT this money evenly with ZEKE. Not only that, we would get our expenses covered for the HCS. I repeat, I turned down individual sponsorship's (for a lot of $) to try and share the wealth evenly throughout the team. This backfired hard because (in order) 1- Halo is dying, 2- HCS is being ran very poorly on 343s end, 3- sponsors don't know who the heck prototype is. These meetings and negotiations were not easy by any means and took a lot of my time, focus, and energy. After UGC St Louis I got an email from our potential sponsors saying pretty much "sorry we aren't sponsoring anyone, halo is dead and the HCS is just ran too poorly for us to invest." I constantly kept the team updated because this was a pretty high priority for us since Brett and I were no longer going to help pay for team travel. Now let's talk about the problems: Zeke never chilled with our team, his call outs were severely lacking, he rarely made clutch objective decisions, and never played outside of the team strategy. For those reasons...he was dropped. The way he approached me in a team text message saying "Tom let's be honest, are you even trying to find sponsors?" is a complete slap in the face. To me, it seemed like one of his Halo butt buddies convinced him to send that text, because that didn't seem like Zeke to me. He should have known (and if he doesn't know he does) that I sacrificed over $50,000 in personal sponsorship money this year to try and get the TEAM sponsored, I sacrificed days and hours of having meetings to try and land sponsors, I paid thousands of dollars out of pocket for our team to travel to these events, never asking to be paid back, AND I spent hours and hours going over film with Naded creating strategies while Zeke liked Egirls pictures on Instagram. So... when Zeke approaches me as the team captain in front of everyone like that, my response is going to be like it was. Move on Zeke and quit being such a baby / drama queen. You got dropped for multiple reasons and I have 0 respect for you after reading your bullshit. What you did is the equivalent to taking locker room talk public, which is a joke. Squashing rumors: Str8 was never offered a deal with TSM. I'm friend with Dan and Regi, they want nothing to do with Halo. Instead they are leaning towards CS. Str8 WAS working with a deal with TCM...the deal ended up being completely one sided in their favor so we didn't pursue. Regarding Str8 for Boston: I'm feeling very confident after practicing with the squad all this week. The fact people are underestimating us puts a smile on my face. We barely practiced once picking up Legit because we weren't even sure if we would make it to G4G with lack of sponsor. My goal this HCS was to make the top 8 and anything can happen in the Championships. Anyhow, the amount of Str8 and T2 hate on these forums will never go away. They derive from the person running the site themselves, which is hilarious because I've sacrificed a majority of my life for this game. Much love to all of the true supporters of your favorite teams. Str8 Rippin is on it's 10th year doing it big in the Halo scene and we are the only OG team name left from the glory days. You decide on who you want to cheer for and believe. -T2
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