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  1. I'm looking to compete in H5. I actually want to take this shot seriously, don't want to have team bs and have everyone on point. I'm lookin for people who are willing to give criticism and take it equally. I've been on teams where people cannot handle hearing or acknowledging a bad choice and I'm over it. I am looking for commitment. Only really understandable reasons not to practice or to quit the team. I basically want a professional, hardworking, and open mentality for the team I'm looking for. Currently, I'm going back to school. November is a bit of a shaky month for me, but in December I can play a ton. I can do about 20-30 hours a week now. In December I'll be able to play everyday/night while I work. In the spring my school schedule will be much more lax for competing and doing this. I do coach lacrosse, it's my job, so you will need to understand that. I know we all need to pay to play right now. Right now I'm ONYX in every playlist I've started. I have about 100 games put in so far. I know how to communicate, I can slay, I can do objective, and I know that I can be a good asset. I've played since H1, tried to compete in H3 and Reach but I could never seem to get a solid team going. I want that to change in H5. Please let me know if you wanna run games or just want someone to play with. We can try some stuff out. GT: l Codo l (Those are lowercase Ls) Twitter is Codo303
  2. I'm looking to compete as well. School can be a little hectic for me since I decided to go back, but I make time to practice, at least twenty hours a week. I want to do more and will be able to do more in December and spring, and especially during Thanksgiving. Played since H1. Mostly competed online and played MM. I'd like to eventually get to a LAN event. Right now I'm Onyx in everything I've decided to play through the ten games in. I know how to communicate, can do objective work and slay, and am pretty easy going. Also, I'm getting my scuf sometime this week if the delivery process is on point, otherwise it's early next week, so I'll need to adjust to that. My GT is l Codo l. Those are lowercase Ls. If you want to message me, my twitter is Codo303. That or my XBL tag.
  3. Looking for a team of 4 to run HCS Customs with. Message l Codo l (those are lowercase L's) or send me a message here to set up a time and I'll talk to some friends/teammates.
  4. I thought that UGC did pretty well, but there were something things that could have been improved. The first day was hard to watch because matches last two hours and there were generally 2 games played. I'd have liked to see more from the other station so that viewers aren't sitting there watching players talk to each other while dubstep blares. The music was nice, welcome in fact, but combine it with warm up gameplay or something. Viewers spent too much time waiting for games to start. Sunday was the best, but even then the games would start like 30 seconds in because the announcers or commercial would run too long. There was a lot that was good about this event, despite the technical issues. BTH having to restart when having full map control, weapon control, and the lead should not happen after two previous restarts. These restarts killed a couple of series, so doing more to prevent them in the future is crucial to the tournament outcome. Sometimes there really isn't anything that you can do though, and I understand that. I thought the majority of the casters were great. I would like to see a little more hype from Bravo, Walshy, Goldenboy, etc. for the sake of hyping the game up. You know what I'm talking about.... Be more Chris Puckett, but keep getting the gameplay discussion right like you have been doing. The giveaway to the kid was one of my favorite parts. He was so happy to get a working XB1 and copy of Halo. I doubt that he even realized who handed him the xbox (Walshy). Do more of that if you can. Here are my suggestions: Keep a pattern for how you run each game like: commentate, commercials (3-4), intro to games, first game, commentate and discuss with analysis, second game, analysis, 1-2 commercials, quick announcer feedback, 3rd game, quick analysis 4th game, and if there's a fifth throw one commercial in for the sponsors. Have the outro, interview the winning team. Discuss upcoming game. Have a voting pool to keep viewers engaged. If there are less teams, try to give them Bo5 instead of Bo3. This should have been the case all tournament with longer games and continuation series on WBF, LBF, and Finals. Bring more captains and popular players during their off time. Have the warm up station off of the main stage so that players are basically good to go. This will make a faster transition. Show more people who aren't top 10 teams. Yes, everyone wants to see the best play and they will. Teams that pay and travel deserve to get some air time once they are getting higher placings. Mix this up so that it's lower team, bigger team, lower team, bigger team, etc. Doing this will also help newer players break out and get used to being watched and the pressure. The giveaways were great. Huge following and response. That was very good. Have a winner's interview. That didn't happen at all and an interview with the MVP. Keep track of players and their twitter. Let everyone in the chat know who's playing, etc. This lets viewers and other players follow each other, grows the community in some way. Talk or display quick bio of players who are well known. Let new players know who these guys are, etc. Have controllers connect directly to the XB1s so players in the crowd aren't turning wireless controllers on and causing issues for main stage players. Have as many sponsors get interviews so that they feel like they're really included. All the shout outs were great, and the one or two interviews I saw were good, but try to do as much as possible. Show off their stuff, like the chairs. Those look great and Ms. Violence talked a lot about them. Hype up their merchandise. Maybe give ending stats or post links about who had the most hill time, highest k/d, most kills, most bomb plants, most flag caps. Let people see what these players are doing for the team off of the screen. This is easy to track. You see the refs recording stats after the games anyways. Make sure the VOD is available soon as possible, including games of the main stage. This is all I have off of the top of my head. Can't wait for the next tournament.
  5. Thankfully the update comes out today. Does anyone know if ranks and stats will all reset along with this new update? So far, it seems that these resets have been pretty random. Thank you.
  6. I believe that it will be over 40k, but anything over 50k is fantastic. Not sure if that will happen with a first tournament. A pre-launch build tournament (PAX) had 27 k though, so there's really no reason to suspect under 30k. The teams were half amateur too. This is all pros playing and/or well known faces in Halo. Plus, Halo 5 will be displayed. A lot of incentive to watch is in this tournament for any Halo fan.
  7. They're tied :p. I live in Colorado, Horror. I was raised on that stuff. #HaloandChipotleforlife. Can we get a partnership going with that?
  8. Thank you, 343, for this. A season of Halo is the best thing since Chipotle.
  9. I currently live in Lakewood Colorado and would be willing to do games somewhere within a reasonable driving distance. The addition of servers changes the strong need of a LAN connection (I hope). LANning is still great, but this could still be fun. I wouldn't mind trying to do a Colorado team for local tournaments or tournaments in a state that is nearby.
  10. The Agency and STK scrimmed about a week ago, I think. I remember seeing a tweet somewhere about it...
  11. If like Titanfall, will sad. Seriously though, if the rumors that I've heard are true, there need to be some tweaks.
  12. Halo 2 Anniversary campaign or Halo 2 Anniversary 4v4 with a mix of classic. I never had Xbox Live when Halo 2 was out and could only play it at a friend's house, so getting that experience is what is most important to me. Used to play the hell out of the campaign though.
  13. I agree that this idea would be very beneficial to newer players who are interested in getting into competitive Halo. I don't know if there should be a basic tutorial since the campaign sort of goes through its own process of acclimating players to the game, but having videos and links to describe the competitive play style would be great. For instance, pros like Walsy,Ghost, Strongside, and Bravo (not a pro, but still very influential) could make content and point out what is going on. They could talk about spawn points, pushing as a team, communication, call-outs, weapon times, etc. I know the Walshy is already planning on making content since he announced that on Bomb Planted. Lists of pros who make video content and stream could be put into lists as well on the Halo Channel. There really is a lot of stuff that could be done to increase the community and increase the awareness of competitive Halo. Even casual players could learn a few things from videos like this.
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