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  1. heinz isnt on elevate. he is teaming with aries and crew in place of tire iron
  2. http://www.twitch.tv/eccentrik/v/46709366. If anyone wanted to watch the crazy comeback during the LCQ my team had when we were playing for top8, feel free to give this a view. I also wanna say good luck to all the teams attending regionals. Rooting for my boys on noble to make it to worlds.
  3. Lethul to CLG, 2gre to Envy to replace cloud. calling it now
  4. to add to #hurricanelouis that is currently happening. Laser Focused is making a comeback new roster incoming. KappaRoss
  5. posey would never get dropped for nerdy. they are just playing mm tg
  6. F/A still. probably one of the most underrated players in the game. hmu fam
  7. Hey guys I'm currently in the process of moving to a new apartment in the Reading, PA area. I'm looking to hold a lan from the 12th to the 15th of December. It will start on Friday and end on Monday. I'm only looking for serious players. I'm currently only allowing 12 people but that may change depending on certain circumstances. Max people allowed will be 16. We will be playing money matches most of the time so no broke ****** LOL. I was thinking doing best of 5s so we can rotate the players so everyone gets to play but that can change or we will do longer series depending on what everyone agrees on. I'm just speculating and throwing out my ideas for how i want the lan to be. I was thinking Saturday we would take a break and all go out to eat somewhere or find something to do. There will be alcohol and you can bring whatever you want. I will be posting more details on my twitter throughout the next month up until the lan. There is already a few people that might be going but nothing is definite as of right now. I will update this post with all the players attending when everything is confirmed. Im also still debating on letting people stay at my apartment or whats going to happen between sleeping and eating arrangements. DM me on twitter with your gamertag, and what you can bring to the lan. Im still trying to figure out how i will determine who gets an invite. I thank all for reading this and cannot wait to LAN with everyone that comes. Twitter - @eccen7rik ****EVERYTHING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE****
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