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  1. Very nasty MCC H3 radar dubs kid. Made himself known in one of the online h3 tournies beating pro teams with Tylenul and Deciting and was on of the top contenders in the small 2v2 h3 online torunaments that happened last year. Im sure the fact that he has played with them so long helped him get that SSG spot. He also played for Unsigned talent in sundays open tourney and qualified. Been watching Elamites stream and he said Formal is under contract to play all the online events with SEN so they went for the "grinder" instead since they already are behind in practise.
  2. Some guy on Twitter made a spreadsheet of stats of all the games that were played on stream at Raleigh. Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uFnQVayeB9R9w1cOGyAz6ff6NeX-HHlR-0ZdnDxDYLw/edit?usp=drivesdk Standout player imo: Tylenul with 1.33K/D when his team's KD was 0.92, 0.86 and 0.82. SSG played against C9, XSET, Acend, NAVI, eU, WAR and SEN.
  3. Predictions for roster changes? Someone 100% getting dropped for Formal if he chooses to compete
  4. I'm Diamond2 on the solo/duo playlist and I've been getting unbelievably unfair matches after finishing placements (couple shown below). Was wondering if someone could explain why this happens because honestly playing games with basically 0 chance of winning is draining all fun out of the game. I've been the top player on my team almost every game so my true skill is a bit above D2 but still I don't think its fair in any capacity to match Onyx1700+ constantly. Is this some kind of hidden MMR thing? Recent games (Solo/duo controller): Enemy team (89% chance of winning): 1789,1746,1594,D1 My team: D2,D2,D5 Enemy team (86% chance of winning): 1816,1768,1683,1635 My team: 1715,1672,D2 Enemy team (78% chance of winning): 1862,1563,D6,D5 My team: 1669,D6,D3 Enemy team (73% chance of winning): 1735,1715,1579 D5 My team: 1748, D6,D6 Enemy team (89% chance of winning): 1866,1831,1501,D6 My team: 1555,D6,D2
  5. Since the game is pretty dead (and also kinda finished after H4 and crossplay) they should make the whole MCC F2P for PC and console. Would make the population alive again and generate interest/playerbase for Halo in general. Would be win-win situation for players and 343 assuming their PC sales are pretty low, good rep for them either way.
  6. I don't really get why they based the exp progression system on medals šŸ¤” If I play social and go like 20-5 Reach gives me 15k exp and h3 just 3k exp šŸ˜‚ I suppose h4 or h2a would be the best for progressing since you get a medal for literally every action. Making the progression based on win/stats sounds logical but it really doesnt suprise me that 343 took a different approach..
  7. Has anyone found a way to convert aiming sens of og titles to MCC? Used to play H2-H3 with 4 but in MCC it feels way too fast. Tried lowering the sens and changing acc and deadzones but can't seem to find the perfect combo :/
  8. So Optic Hitch put this tease on twitter couple days ago. Would be super sick if he made this Halo documentary happen!
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7YsgJKkT1Y#t=563 Around the 9:10 mark OpTic Halo makes their presence known in Syndicate's E3 vlog. Summary: Maniac probably puts more time in his dancemoves than in Halo and APG loves Puckett and everyone That APG part should make an awesome :dank: meme! (I don't post too often so hopefully this is not too OT and the link works)
  10. Is there any news/confirmation about parties matching parties in H5?
  11. Is the time between multikills longer in H5G beta? Been watching streams and there are surprisingly many moments where I believe kills sholdn't have been counted as multikills. It seems a lot longer than 4 seconds sometimes. Can someone confirm? (Haven't played it yet, waiting for BR starts) I've experienced something similar in H2A so could be because of frame rate or something?
  12. So to me these bugs have occurred still after the notorious 3gb patch: Overall: -Uneven teams -Party splitting to opposite teams -Long MM search times -Game crashes during loading screen (especially H3,H2A and Campaigns' co-op <-- even on LAN...) -Party not sticking together after MM game -Ability to bring party to lobby mid search (good addition but unfortunately they screwed that big time) -Roster not showing correctly -Joining problems, #QuitTheBuild still happens.. -Achievements not unlocking H1: -Aiming bug -Game not ending when other team quits -Still falling through floor in some maps H2C: -Hit registration -Stuck in deathscreen especially in MM, happens in customs too H2A: -Unplayable due to netcode or those spikes, don't know what to call them (I have 16mb up and 0.7 down and I lag like motherfucker so I guess something's wrong) H3: -Aiming bug -Sound is still messed -Vanilla versions of maps -Forge only for "basic editing" And to top that I know they stated the game has been using dedis since launch XDDDD Yeah good joke 343. 99% of games I played have been running on P2P for sure. So don't know what's the deal with that. Also, I've seen more specific bugs mentioned on this thread but to me these are the ones that make this game almost unplayable and need to be addressed in case they don't want this game to be under the title of "broken ass shit" much longer. #rant
  13. Yeah my Xbox settings are correct and just tried it with another XB1 controller and another XB1 Mic Adapter and it didn't work. So I'm pretty confident the problem is either in the mixamp or in the astro mic-cable like you guessed. Unfortunately they have ran out of mic cables on astrogaming's UK website so I have to wait to get the results The fact that it works for you gives me hope though!
  14. So I have the oldest mixamp possible and gamesound (through optical cable) works perfectly fine on Xbox One. I've also LAN'd MCC couple of times and gamechat (connecting mixamps to eachother via AUX or daisy chain) works also like a charm. However online chat for Xbox One doesn't work at all. In fact when I connect mixamp to the XB1 mic adapter this high-pitched noise starts and ends only when I unplug mic-cable from either mixamp or from mic adapter. I have also newer Mixamp and there's no problem chatting online with that thing. I also tried online chatting via X360 with this old mixamp and it worked fine. So the problem is exclusively on Xbox One. I wonder if any of you know if it's something fixable or is it that the two systems just don't work together. I can't update the old mixamp since PC doesn't even recognize it as audio device or Astro MixAmp so yeah, it's pretty oldschool I'm also pretty new to these forums and I'm not quite sure if this is the right place to post this (Halo Gen Discussion) so if I'm at the wrong place someone could please correct that!
  15. Does anyone have any tips how to actually know where you are in H2A Shrine? Like Lockdown, Zenith and Stonetown are asymmetrical and it is quite obvious to know where you are and IMO Warlord is even cleared than original since they colored lifts and there are still colors on every bases' wall. In Shrine obj gametypes are fine since it is simple as "their flag, their car, their br, our bon, our court etc" but in TS you can literally spawn everywhere (read: to other team's side) like in original H2 but there is no indication of where you are. In H2C it's clear as day since there are clear colors (red side has red logo on the base and red logo on the ringwall above bonfire etc. So how to separate bases from each other in H2A Shrine TS? I'm confused. Communication in Shrine TS feels limited as fuck because of this (at least on my part)
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