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  1. I don't post in here very often, I am constantly lurking. I've been following avidly since the halo 2 days, I have watched every single halo tournament since then. I will watch and enjoy every single match no matter what the result, and I plan to for the foreseeable future. Now to my point.. I can deal with all of the audio issues and stream issues, it doesn't even bother me that much (I watch for the gameplay and competitive nature of halo). But for some reason I cannot get over the fact that I rarely know who's POV I'm watching, or who that player is killing. Not even the casters know at all times. It might be the most frustrating thing I've ever experienced watching competitive halo. I don't have any solutions, or even know the direct problem just ranting. With that being said I'm excited as f*** for the rest of this tournament. We should have some really good matches coming up. #goliquid

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