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  1. I want EU to do well don’t get me wrong but I would not make jokes unless hey can beat the top 4 NA lol.
  2. I am hyped for hcs again! I just have a question, there have been a lot of articles saying huke is going back to cod, was this ever confirmed and if so when?
  3. Everyone is talking about who the problem is. Maybe we have to consider that lethul is the solution!
  4. Everything is falling into place. Even the settings might change now!!!
  5. That is why as a compromise since 343 might not take radar out we should have a radar that only detects you when sprinting, using Spartan abilities, and shooting. This way both the casuals and comps have radar and the radar is a little better for the competitive community.
  6. When mcc was the main game I wanted at least a showcase match where game 1 was a ce game, 2 was a halo 2 game, game 3 was a halo 3 game. And game 4 was h2a with game five being halo 4. Jk game 5 could be ce again.
  7. In my opinion there are too many people in diamond and onyx. There needs to be a larger distribution over all the ranks(except champion) I say this cause the only way to get below plat would be by practically gamethrowing for me.
  8. My top 10 in no order except 2gre is number 1 The 2gre(ogre 2) Wtf omgre 1(ogre 1) Roy Lunchbox Snip3down T2 Walshy Pistola karma shockwave or zyos
  9. @@mediabrute is there any way i could get a snakebite fan sig. I have been loving his streams and he is so chill and always so interactive with the chat. Thanks!
  10. Anyone know what teams are invited this weekends online qualifier and how it is going to be run. Also do we know timings of the matches ant things like that?
  11. I am talking to @ in toweys chat and he is really chill.
  12. Someone help me my posts aren't going through!!!! Also the possible liquid team of ace, apg, penguin, and commonly would be sick!
  13. I am so hyped that I might go super saiyan!!!!!!! Well I can't paste my gif of turning super saiyan that kinda ruined the mood lol
  14. So championship week is upon us and i am very excited. I expect all of your meme games to be on point this week as the world championship is this weekend.
  15. I find it stupid how NA regionals will be more competitive than the world championship.
  16. Finally got 100 rep which means my first green bar lets go!
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