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  1. Thanks for everything Teapot, this guy for some reason does a lot of work for us behind the scenes. <3 See ya there
  2. Just want to bump this, everyones rolling in today. No eta on when jeenyus will have the stream up but I would assume within the next few hours. Everyone tune in and please retweet your blogs and follow your like buttons or whatever.
  3. Wait, do I have to talk about bonesaws dick or mine, may have to do some pre match research.
  4. McDick definitely has the largest arsenal of nade tricks, especially on HH. While I'm pushing out from red hes scanning orions belt for that perfect 8 second nade. Seriously though everythings very easy when you know the reference point, for example sometimes it may look like he just knows where that exact perfect star in the sky is, but he's really lining up the "2x" text to some tangent. When there's some downtime at the LAN I guarantee he'll put on an exhibition for anyone interested. Well timed nade tricks on HH and Dammy are crucial and can be a great tool. With that said I think @@Patch Stay knows like 2 nade tricks, he's the exception to the rule.
  5. Not what I'm saying at all, pick/ban works like this. Both team decide on a neutral starting map, the winner of that map gets to ban 1 map from being picked for the next game, the loser picks the map. It incorporates on the fly strategy and also allows people to avoid maps they aren't comfortable with.
  6. I've been playing new maps since 2011, I love them. I'd even say me being so vocal about it is why a lot of good players have touched them at all. With that said, they have no place in a tournament on this short of notice. 1st isn't the only place that pays out. People will start playing them if it's known that they will be in tournaments from here on out, giving people a clear disadvantage a week prior to the tournament is non sense. I decide a few minutes after posting that I don't want to be a part of this discussion, but the homie teapot swooped in and quoted me. That's my opinion and many others, look at it however you want but your excuses aren't sound logic when it comes to organizing a competitive tournament. One last note, I proposed the compromise of a pick/ban format for maps in the tournament that is pretty successful in melee. I think it's the most reasonable solution, let them know what you think.
  7. NHE offhost feels a little smoother than normal offhost if you use a good host box, imo.
  8. Pat and Sean should absolutely be allowed to team, if it's a foregone conclusion that they will win then that is a testament to their skill and they deserve to win. Who would want to win a tournament with a giant asterisk next to it anyways? McFuhrer might as well just tell everyone who their team is going to be while he's at it.
  9. Thanks for all the answers, if it truly is its own experience I'll give it a try this weekend when I have time and see how it feels, hopefully midwest to dallas wont be too bad.
  10. I don't have time to read all of these posts right now so hopefully somebody can fill me in. Does this actually work like xbox and if so, is there an s-type to usb adapter? Is the latency the same feel as xbc? Can you split screen? Does this have the halo final internal talking timer? Is NHE implemented if we wanted to setup a dedicated host? If this isn't just another version of mcc I'll spread the word.
  11. Everyone enjoy the LAN, beach lan is always a great time. Hope my PNs (patch, bonesaw, finny, mcdick) don't embarrass themselves. My buddy DoItLikeDon is going for the first time, please challenge him to money matches cause he's bad and can't turn down a challenge.
  12. Do you have an adequate venue? Guaranteed prize pool? Enough good CRTs and xboxs? Give some details and I'll let the big dogs know.
  13. Just stop playing it, goto LANs, we're really nice guys in person. I played two games today and it was the worst experience of my life, my team mate got 2 kills on derelict and I still won, that should never happen. It's a broken mindless game where some combination of connection and gun skill can win any game.
  14. Yeah 2nd and 3rd paid out, thanks for the 25 bucks.
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