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  1. Hey guys, originally from the St. Louis area, but moved down to Starkville, MS about two years ago to work for Mossy Oak. Anyway, I used to be super competitive at Halo 1. If anyone around the Tupelo or Columbus/Starkville/West Point area feels up to it, I'd love to LAN some OG CE. Hit me up on XBL. I play CE exclusively. The rest suck.
  2. Probably. The CE purist in me hates that I actually like this patch. I HATE I have to aim differently than OG. But the CE purist in me KNOWS the maps flow much more closely to OG. Powerups feel powerful, rockets and snipes feel powerful, map movements feel more strategic, and scrubs are scrubs again.
  3. I'll be honest, my reaction to this patch is essentially what 3shot said Toxin and Mighty's reaction to it is. First day was trash; second day was, hmm, this is maybe alright; third day was, ya, this feels pretty damn good; and it's only gone up from there. The maps PLAY like OG much more. Sure, the pistol is different, and I don't think it's where it should be long term, but I can run maps all day long and pistol battles against good players are actually exciting. Is it annoying to shoot entire clips at people across certain maps? Hell yes, but I've found that timing my shots, and using my clip conservatively, I come out of pistol battles alive much more often than I did prepatch. I still think they need around 20-30% bullet magnetism, but that's about it. And it may be I've gotten used to it, but yesterday and today almost feels like they may have ninja patched it already with a slight magnetism boost.
  4. How so? All the increased "speed" cable companies are touting is essentially just adding another lane to the highway. If your connection is congested, get a fatter line, but your ping is likely not going to change. I don't know what the actual bandwidth needs are for Halo, but I sincerely doubt they come anywhere close to getting bottlenecked on a 100d10u, and much less a 20d5u line. Just sayin'.
  5. You realize faster is just a misnomer perpetrated by the corporations to sell to the masses, right? Having throughput doesn't make the connection faster -- it only makes it capable of carrying more information. If a highway with a speed limit of 70 gets an extra lane, do people call the road faster?
  6. After playing it, I like having a skill gap, but I don't like that the compromise is changing aiming mechanics. I still think they need to add back around 30-40% magnetism, so aiming actually feels close to what it would have been OG. This is an FPS after all -- changing the way we aim is a fundamental change to the game.
  7. I don't think aim assist was affected. For the first time ever, while playing MCC, my reticle slightly followed a completely invisible opponent on Pris. I might be wrong, but I think it's more to do with the fact that we're good players trying to correct for the multitude of things making our bullets not hit, and we're fishing for the sweet spot to get those 3s back. I might also be full of shit.
  8. I've had success slowing my shots down. Bullet spread becomes a nonissue, but the aiming and lead mechanics are still ridiculous. I like how they make a ninja change to bullet magnetism and nades, but don't list them on the patch notes, as if they're tiny changes that require no mentioning...
  9. Wait, so it is confirmed that the timing is super jacked on certain maps? Any confirmation on the way aiming and bullet trajectory mechanics are working?
  10. XBL - Ne0h I will play nothing but CE and maybe a little H2(for shits, but probably not). Also down for 1v1s -- prefer them, really. I live really close to Mississippi State University (Starkville), so if anyone in a 3-4 hour distance is running LANs on a weekend, I'd totally be down to drive. Haven't played in a couple years because my crew dispersed, so I'll probably need to brush up on my pistol skills a tiny bit, but I'll still be able to run the map; that shit is part of my soul.
  11. The goose bumps are real. There's some dust in this room...
  12. If they get it anywhere close to LAN conditions, I'll be happy as hell. I definitely noticed some aim warping in that Beaver Creek rocket match in the IGN stream akin to the video you made, Chumpp. Let's hope that trash is an old build and the best is yet to come.
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