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  1. Got some pretty reliable intel last night that mlg is somehow involved
  2. I came to console fps from cod4 promod, which Joe's game is heavily based on. (it died in NA and I really loved cod). A bunch of the community there really looked down on console comp cod because lol aim assist/controllers. I'm still really surprised he'd shoot his own game in the foot though with those tweets. Guess that elitst attitude just really shined through there. I was really looking forward to his game, but he just lost a supporter.
  3. Still waiting for that Titanfall invite my guy
  4. Yeah let me crossmap with the gun that has the least RR and magnetism. I'll definitely perfect him no probs./s You're saying thrust inherently increases long range ttk when even a rifle (besides the LR) would have trouble killing at that range without thrust. Also, if Im getting tagged up long range and decide to thrust back, Im now essentially useless for the next few moments, and my teams playing 3v4. It's definitely not like people strongsided in other halos to stay alive long range, or nah people just got that idea to run away because thrust.
  5. Nah man, it's only a defensive option and ruins the game. What were 343 thinking?????
  6. So a lower Y would mimic older games?
  7. I didn't have any issues, and I use my AR a lot. After a few hours, there was only once where if I had a higher accel I could have finished a pistol kill at about medium-close range. If you like shooting long range with the pistol/rifles try 1 accel, otherwise if you hold forward use 2.
  8. 2.5x/2.5y here with 1 accel. Prior to the update, I played on 4/2. Imo if you're using an x sens higher than 2 you should be using 1 or 2 accel. I started on 2 accel then tried 1 and my long range became a lot more stable.
  9. Overwatch was the opposite, vertical was half of horizontal by default.
  10. In the CWL each org can only have one team. This could be what the ALG guy meant by sticking to one player. In the Halo Pro League the same rules may apply. If all of ALG split then the org could only follow one player.
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