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  1. you don't talk anyways bro! lol Jk, but make sure you don't have the settings on mute. I heard a few issues of ppl being randomly muted for no reason. Theres a bunch of bugs with this release its crazy
  2. Best Buy will give you $150 towards a XB1 if it is a Xbox 360 S 250GB
  3. Make this the teams thread too. I'm sure teams will start forming very soon
  4. I agree with the majority here. You've brought up some excellent points. Online tournaments are great for the community for those who can't travel and those who are yet to make a name for themselves. I also believe the decision to make LAN events worth more points is the correct is one.
  5. With the announcement of the Halo Championship Series supported by 343, there will be " officially sanctioned tournaments (LAN and online) that will award HCS points to the top teams" all leading to a Season Finals event for those teams with the highest accumulated points throughout the seasson. With the UGC tournament in January and now Iron Gaming tournament next month both being HCS Sanctioned events, do you think it would be best to hold LAN only events to accumulate points? If one Tournament Organizer can throw an event every month it would be similar to how seasons were back in the day with MLG. One LAN event per month would be great. Master Chief Collection doesn't have dedicated servers for custom games so it would be really frustrating in my opinion competing in the online tournaments. Unless that is specifically what the "eSports" playlist will be for, to arrange dedicated servers for the online tournaments. Online tournaments should be worth a fraction of the points of what LAN tournaments offer in my opinion. All speculation of course. What are your thoughts? Should HCS be LAN only events? Why or why not?
  6. Iron Gaming also officially HCS sanctioned event.
  7. so much disappointment as a halo 2 classic players in the last 3 minutes. UGC switches to H2A MM only has one H2C playlist but worst of all Custom games are not on dedicated servers in Master Chief Collection *sigh* Oh well.. at least Halo will be in the spotlight again as a competitive title.. for that I am happy.
  8. Just curious if you guys that purchase wireless plan to attend any events in the future?
  9. Are we also getting the same Halo 2 RANK Emblems as well? Has this been confirmed or denied? I'm hoping for my second chance at a 44 (Crescent Moon) Stoked!
  10. Can anyone confirm or shoot down if the original Halo 2 Rank Emblems are making a return? If not, Beyond's article includes a screen shot and is pretty misleading. I really hope they are back.
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