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  1. I think ppl are trying to deduct far to much from a game engine tech demo. Halo single player maps should be large and grandiose IMO. The best Halo levels IMO have a mixture of indoor corridor type battles within a large outdoor environments. That's how CE felt to me and to some extent H2 and 3. That always seemed to be how bungie presented the game as well. Doesn't necessarily mean the game is "open world" though. And none of that means much of anything to multiplayer.
  2. Agree with that. Building new engines all the time is a massive amount of work. The engine looks ok I guess, not sure what is unique about it though. I guess MS would prefer to use an in-house engine and have control instead of existing engines. All I can say about this in reference to Halo is I liked the art style of the helmet. Beyond that nothing really to discuss...
  3. Started watching this video (just posted but from back in 2015) and thought other Halo fans might be interested. It's a talk by John Hopson of Bungie on User Research of Destiny. Some interesting info how they were leveraging data on Halo players. I'd say the first 15 minutes is directly relevant to Halo. The whole video is pretty interesting though, worth a watch IMO.
  4. It's funny because you think I'm some millennial kid that needs a safe space. When I'm old as shit and couldn't be further from that type of person. Literally all I said was "can we go back to discussing the games instead of the venue in this thread", but yea I guess I'm the crazy person here. You guys need a safe space so you can all cry over a venue you aren't even at and has 0 affect on your life? Did me calling you a bad name hurt your precious feelings snowflake? You guys enjoy your circle jerk. I'm going to go enjoy watching the matches instead of sulking in my own sorrow. Congrats TB, you've made me actually not enjoy this place for the first time ever.
  5. Oh look the guy that has nothing but negative things to post every single time. Yea, I called him a little bitch because he is being one. You have something relevant to say before I go back to ignoring all your posts again?
  6. Why should it gravitate to what you want? You're posts are pointless. Stop acting like a little bitch. Didn't know me asking for the thread to change course back to the EVENT was so controversial that it deserved such a smug ass comment from you. What is the point of this thread again...?
  7. I made a stink when the venue was announced and teared into ESL over it. I'm here to read about the games, which have been great to watch. Someone is going to win $1,000,000 this weekend and I'd REALLY prefer this thread be a discussion on that instead of rehashing something that we dedicated 100's of pages to months ago. So can this thread please change back to "HWC 2017 Teams Seeds and Discussion" instead of "HWC 2017 Finals Venue Discussion"? Please? Thanks You.
  8. Frank just piggybacked off Hectors tweet though. Frank posting it without the Hector tweet would have resulted in another irrelevant Frank tweet. Lets not pretend like Frank was the reason those people responded. Franks not THAT important.
  9. So money > morals is what I'm hearing? Profiting from a situation that was morally wrong feels pretty shitty to me. Like I said when it all went down, they could have formed a team without Cratos/Showtime, competed through AM and proven themselves.
  10. If you want to use a time, use UTC/GMT, it's universal and how computers keep time.
  11. ESl/343 only have West Coast LANs...sorry Thanks for calling me a kid, makes me feel young again.
  12. Or maybe because he tweets racist things (almost even got his ass beat at an event cause of it). Nah, couldn't be. I just don't like him cause I want to be "cool". Nothing wrong with being a racist (or all the other shitty things he does).
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