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  1. What the fucking fuck is this? I havent played halo 5 in like 6 months but are you talking about halo or counter-strike. It's a joke how the developers of halo don't know how to make a halo game. Every other decades other franchise shooter that I can think of keeps the basic mechanics of the game the same between titles. This BS is so annoying. Probably why I just play pc shooters now.
  2. It was OK. It could be much better if you did a directors cut that cut out the average single clips. Unless you are Snipedown you won't have enough solid clips to fill a 10 min montage.
  3. I disagree. I like the variety. Most the people playing arena are not trying to practice for events.
  4. Its going to be disapointing if you dont have better clips then a triple kill with snipe in BTB.
  5. Correct. Rules are here http://halo.esportspedia.com/wiki/Halo_World_Championship_NA_Regional_Finals_2016
  6. Here is another vote for 3 sens, 5 acceleration. I used to play on 5 sens, 1 acceleration but still had issues with aiming feeling off. My current settings allow me to make small adjustments more accurately. Also on the #bumperjumpermasterrace, with an elite controller. Having a controller with paddles just for thrust is a pretty big deal.
  7. It's not just you. The aiming is awful. Try turning down the aim acceleration from the default of 3 to 2 or 1. This has helped me. Aiming still doesn't feel great though.
  8. Why isnt team optic in post 1 of this thread? Also why doesnt this thread have hte top 16 teams at least. It should have some of the EU teams too.
  9. Me and my brother have the same issue. The connector is weak on controllers it doesnt seem to matter what cable you use it will randomly disconnect. Its the same issue with the hdmi port as well.
  10. I'm glad I am not the only one who feels like the aiming is worse than h3. So typical for the halo devs to mess with something so fundamental game to game. I just got the elite controller and turning up the quickness of the aim acceleration seems to have helped a bit with the aim issues. Need more time with to really get a feel.
  11. With the casuals playing swat and breakout with no radar. I don't see any logic to having team arena use it.
  12. Thats the tricky part. Getting online play correct without breaking the feel of shooting for halo1 players that have only had LAN all these years. Not counting the less than perfect implementation in MCC.
  13. This is almost exactly how I feel about the game accept for the pistol being better at range. I am not sure about that at this point. My other two big complaints are radar needs to go for the team arena playlist and sprint needs to go. Though surprisingly maybe due to the size of the maps or the nerfs to sprint; I feel like sprint has not completely ruined the game. Its worse on bigger maps like truth obviously but it hasn't sucked the all the joy out of halo5 for me, yet.
  14. Lowering the auto aim on rifles would be a good fix but everyone knows 343 wont do that so we have to look for other options.
  15. We cant most of the things you complained about. So deal with it or stop playing the game.
  16. I just thought of a couple of "advantages" for MS anyway. 1. Piracy. If/when the Xbox one gets cracked you cannot have a halo multiplayer LAN if the game doesn't support LAN. At least not with alot of hacking. 2. Tournaments. If there is no LAN you cannot run a tournament without MS/343 permission. Since 343 is controller the tournament scene now it makes sense for them to do this to exert more control.
  17. With the current level of reticule magnetism and auto aim 3sk would be broken. This sandbox isnt halo CE.
  18. I think this is just another example of a Developer not understanding what is important to the community. Remember that halo multiplayer fanbase was built off of LAN support with halo1. And people still come together and LAN halo 1, now 14 years later, because it is such a good experience. I can't think of one logical reason to not include LAN support for halo 5 especially when they are supposedly focusing on competitive and tournament gameplay. Except that MS seems to want you to do nothing with the xbox one unless you are connected to the internet.
  19. Comparing LAN OG to MCC over XBL is a fail. Never going to be the same.
  20. So is aiming back to how it exactly was? I never played in the past week so I didnt get to experience the hard aiming. I played one game today but it doesnt feel exactly the same as before.

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