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  1. No gameplay thats disappointing...
  2. Doc wants to design a Halo MP lol. https://clips.twitch.tv/HorribleStupidBibimbapMingLee
  3. For me this is one of the reason I didn't enjoy Halo 5. As well as none of my friends playing it.
  4. Been a minute since the last time I've been on the forums. Had to stop by after watching HECZ vids. Real shame what happened this weekend. Hope this is a wake up call to everyone.
  5. Oh baby Im ready for some football. We coming for FSU this year!
  6. Up there with one of the worst series I think I have seen Ninja play. Well Time to buckle down and come out tomorrow on fire!
  7. Damn man Ninja has to change his game-play way to aggressive.
  8. Wow will Renegades bounce back? I feel like they were not working well together at all. Hopefully we see some improvement verse Allegiance.
  9. Just got done with In The Booth with Goldenboy. Got to thank him for having me on the show! Had a ton of fun talking about todays X games, will defiantly be tuning in for the next stream.
  10. I've been to Dayton many times, not really sketchy. I live in Miami and the ghetto's down here make Daytona look like a country club.
  11. Wow who the hell would jump Legit? Must be more to this story...

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