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  1. haha same. It's the off season. These players need to start trying to make rosters that can "potentially" be competing for 1st. I just don't see that happening with that roster. t8 maybe without even seeing the 4th
  2. Everyone talking about rosters, but I'm much more interested in what gametypes end of up making into HWC/pro league. I really hope they make significant adjustments. The current rotations got quite boring to watch by the end. It would be also pretty cool to see some weapon balance patches to shake up the meta going into the new season. Most other esports change balance between seasons, and halo has historically only changed maps. It would be cool for 343 to take more chances with weapon balance to keep things fresh and to let some of the underutilized weapons shine. It would be great for the longevity of the game. I really hope they also revisit breakout (with some changes). I think the gametype has potential, just in the way they had it before it just wasn't working.
  3. EG v CLG countdown https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20160129T1530&p0=1242&msg=Halo+5+X-Games+EG+V+CLG&font=cursive&csz=1
  4. Lack of practice seems to be the common theme with Heinz's past few squads (nV and now liquid). How hard is it play the game that's your job? And Liquid didn't even change in the roster hurricane.
  5. I don't think I've ever seen AE lose a breakout in the OQ's (I could be wrong). They seem very strong on the gametype. I really doubt they would want it removed since it's pretty apparent they spent a lot of time practicing it. RNG is also a team that seems to win a lot of their breakouts. I think this is definitely an instance of a loud group of people denouncing the gametype, where the people who actually like breakout/are indifferent don't really bring it up. And there are a lot of pros who don't stream/use a lot of social media so their opinions on it probably aren't public.
  6. It is literally the point of having refs. It should NEVER be on the players to make a call on rules. They didn't write the rules, the league did. The players are there to play the game and compete, that's it. You don't have players calling their own fouls in the NBA. This is a 2 mill dollar tourney, the rules are there for a reason. If there's an issue take it up with the league. Don't get pissed at the opposing team for following the rules. How can people see this any other way?? So confusing to me
  7. you can't blame AE for following the rules. Those are the rules. It should never fall on the players to make that call, that's what refs are for.
  8. that seriously might be the most clutch H5 play i've seen yet. wow
  9. I like the look of the breakout maps. Nice change of pace imo. The gametype as a whole is meh, but it's really hype for spectators
  10. So the players that left OpTic have both placed at least top 8...the players that stayed? Out in rd 2...
  11. I think there might be blizzard where spartan lives and he has no power. Unless he gets it back, I dunno if RNG will scrim.
  12. why would he not take that offer for nV? I just can't even..
  13. I couldn't disagree more, but you're entitled to your opinion
  14. I don't think Commonly has said a single word outside of just callouts. Gotta be awkward
  15. series was RNG 8-6 EG. EG's first lost scrim. (according to them, even tho they lost cratos' squad early on) :halo:
  16. It's hard to tell if EG is just worse without lethul, or Stellur is just a good fit with RNG.
  17. a lot is saying that RNG 4th last night was mikwen (including pros in the chat). Mikwen denied it on twitter though. Did anyone rule out the chance it could've been 2gre?
  18. http://oddshot.tv/shot/lxthul-201601222572164 "where did snipedown get that idea from?" lol
  19. I never said anyone thought he was bad. I said he was underrated by people on this forum. You're just twisting words now
  20. Did you not see all the people saying drop lethul after EG cup losses once k/ds were posted?
  21. I agree with most everything here except the bold. Believe me, I think Commonly is a great player. But i definitely think you are underestimating how good of a player Lethul is and what he brought to the table. Lethul is constantly underrated on these forums, but imo he was the best if not 2nd best on the EG squad. Those are BIG shoes to fill. Can commonly do it? It's possible. It's not a guarantee though. EG could absolutely end up being a worse team, no one knows yet.
  22. Has anyone left a Roybox squad willingly? I've been trying to rack my brain, and my halo history might be failing me this morning. I can only think of instances where the twins dropped somebody, or the team dissolved altogether and the twins rebuilt. This LethuL move would be pretty historic if this is the first time.
  23. This is probably the best Halo we've had since maybe 2010ish. The game is actually good, the drama and matchups, old vs new players...if only we had more lans scheduled it would be perfect.
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