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    Have fun & go hard!
  2. Your Team Name: Pink Wall Winner: Pink Wall Round Number: 3 Score: 2 - 0 (Best of 3 games)
  3. Your Team Name: Pink Wall Winner: Pink Wall Round Number: 2 Score: 2 - 0 (Best of 3 games)
  4. Hello, My name is Jordan, or LEGION, or LEGIQN, or, whatever my name is spelled like now and I'll be playing in the MCC launch event here in a couple weeks! Please understand I'm not oblivious to the game or scene, so don't think because our squad (Purple Rain) is full of funny guys, myself included, that when the match starts we won't be playing to win. It was Scott's decision to throw together this roster, and considering one of our considered teammates can't attend it was better for the community if we build up a roster of people who understand the competition, want to have fun while trying to win, but that can also snatch some views and maybe show some new people how incredible this community really is. As a content producer this is the perfect opportunity, alongside my cohorts in the youtube and streaming scene, to open up the gates for new viewers to this awesome Halo community! We run 8 million deep in subscribers (I'm personally only 500k of that :P), and we're all about pushing numbers for team Halo! Also understand I spent several years grinding the amateur bracket so best believe I think this is an incredible and unique opportunity. All that being said, please don't underestimate my abilities as a player just yet haha! Some people don't think I can hang, but I'm not all about that mindset. I apologize for the short rant, but I just wanted to introduce myself so I don't seem like some distant asshole if I end up playing on your screen. I look forward to seeing old friends, making new ones, and competing with everyone for MCC and Halo 5 for years to come! Have a great day!
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