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  1. This is a really old clip and my stream looks alot better now but the worst part is I think this still has more views on YouTube than any of my other videos lol (RIP Headphone users)
  2. I feel like I just had a stroke, wtf did I just read.... I swear man it's like he's never played the game, this is the thought process of the people that designed Halo 4, good in theory, worst thing on the planet in practice, please go away
  3. To be 100% honestl, I've seen a million posts about how people would love a H2A and everyone talks about how they would play it but the 2 things: A - Anyone who thinks that the mechanics would be the same with just a graphics update is delusional. They would NEVER make that, it would be something similar to H:CE Anny. B - The game would have a pop. worse than H4 in less than 3 months. 90% of the hardcore players from H2 are long gone, and while I'm sure some would come back for nostalgia, no one is going to seriously play it every day. Most of the players from back then are older and don't have the time that they used to, and about 90% of the H:Reach and H4 kids wouldn't even play it cause they don't care. 343 would make serious money from making that game, but it wouldn't be the juggernaut from back in the day. Don't get me wrong, I would buy it, I would play it, and I would love if they made it. But I wouldn't play it every day with the addictiveness that I used to have for H3, I would rather 343 focus their attention on making H5 the GOAT.
  4. I feel like I had a really good game against Heinz and Snip3down on S9 Ext a while back on stream, we were winning when one of my teammates went blackscreen and when he came back it was 4-2. Check it out: http://www.twitch.tv/vforvisuals/c/2567838
  5. Honestly I was as surprised as Ola when Ace didn't die. He challenged because everyone would think that he wouldn't. He was thinking that Ace would think "Oh he's up in the match he's gonna run away" but Ace GOAT'd it
  6. Yea I tweeted Lethul that I was obsessed with how well that song worked in a montage and I loved it so I used it lol
  7. This was my attept at a minitage, I captured, edited, and upoaded it all in one night. I can edit alot more/better but I was too lazy so I just got this done lol. Please don't be too harsh but let me know what you think! Also check out my stream: twitch.tv/VforVisuaLs and follow me on twitter: twitter.com/VysuaLs THANKS!
  8. You obviously didn't read any of the responses in this post, nobody is bashing 343i. People are passionate about the game and no one wants to see it die, so people want them to pay attention to what will obviously improve the game but no one freaked out like you're implying, get that shit out of here
  9. He just squashed my fear of the Lag could mess it up thing, I don't care that it doesn't work for Forerunner weapons LFGGGGGG
  10. He said doesn't seem impossible, which means we might get that too lol
  11. Sprint, descope, flag juggling HOLY SHIT BALLS
  12. and I agree I was like yea others made mistakes BUT THEY CANT EVEN HOLD THEIR OWN BACKPACKS jeez
  13. DAMNIT ABR I watched the first 4 episodes and hadnt watched tonights episode lol
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