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  1. Great video. Numbers don't lie people. Halo continually grew with the first three titles than continually declined starting with Reach (the first title to change the core mechanics with reticle bloom and sprint). Another argument I would add is a response to people who say what competitive Halo needs is to appeal to the casuals. Look at Halo 3 which is the peak of Halo in terms of consistent population. The competitive settings couldn't have been more different from the casual settings. Different movement speeds, jump heights, removal of radar and the removal of almost all the sandbox (automatics, hammer, brute shot, bubble shield, energy drain, etc) yet it was the most successful competitive title in the series. What does this tell you? We need a Halo title that's challenging and that has the core mechanics that made Halo so great. Not an easy one that keeps getting changed for the sake of change.
  2. anyone want to octagon? really want to try h5 pc out
  3. gamertag: skyler is lame customs: 2v2 h2a (trying to practice for the tourney Region: US
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