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  1. Team Name: Droppin' Trous & Raising Brows Players: CheshuR / lMaTTeRSl
  2. You may be right about T2 but after some Walshperation he might come around. And @ Blackeyed, I just don't have confidence in Flamesword at all, especially over Strongside. Although 3 players with great chemistry and 1 decent player have been known to win tournaments before.
  3. Yeah, didn't realize it was going to be H2A but given a little bit a time with Roy and T2 I believe they'll still do well, versatile and veteran players with a veteran coach, I'd still say the'd do alright. I still don't see Optic in first with that line up, I'd give it to The Agency or StK and 3rd and 4th between Optic and Str8 still.
  4. People are really voting for Optic to take a Halo 2 tournament with that line up? This isn't Halo 3. Snipedown and Flamesword were virtually nobodies. Ace was like 9 years old and mediocre compared to his brother and Pistola was good but not near the player he later developed into. The Agency has a good line up, minus Ninja. Str8 has an impressive line up, pretty much all around. StK has a decent line up. BtH's line up isn't special. VwS has Naded and I guess Legit is decent. Purple Rain has Puckett so they're guaranteed bad, even with Gandhi, Oh and Sundance is their coach. TCM is going home first round. Based on the player pool, I'd go with Str8 Vs. The Agency in the finals, with the only possible exception being StK, because I know those boys have been putting in some time together. I think The Agency has the best players overall but will come in second just because Str8's experience with top contention for Halo 2. 1.Str8 2.The Agency 3.StK 4.Optic 5.VwS (Interchangable with BtH) 6.BtH 7.Purple Rain 8.TCM

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